Bobby Brown – Every Little Step (1988)
– Not a 560 SEC (380 SE) but close enough for now (same era and class.)

(2:48) Yes, I drive a 560 SEC
And when I’m on the mic, you gotta see me


Dizzy Yarbrough – Mercedes Muzik Feat. Pebbles (2013)


Fuego – Sigo Fresh (Remix) [feat. Duki & Myke Towers] (2020)


2018 – The Gianni Versace signature motif is born

The newest addition to the House’s codes – Gianni Versace’s handwriting is placed on an assortment of clothing and accessories. Add a signature touch to your look with the newest logo accent. ~ May ’20


Gunship – Revel In Your Time (Miami Nights 1984 Remix) (2015)

I would kill to be with you
We could make it thunder
I would kill to be with you
We will make it through. ~ source


The David Rubenstein Show – Paul Singer – (Strategies for Successful Investing – Elliott Management) (2017)

4 min version
24 min version

In a 2017 interview, Singer was asked to describe what he wanted the “headline” of his life to be. He paused for several moments before saying, “He tried to make a difference. He protected a lot of people’s capital over a long period of time. He was steady, reliable.” (source or at 23:08 above)

I myself have had many ideas about how companies should improve themselves, for example by producing a better product or website. I have also seen many of my submitted ideas implemented – but not with Sun Microsystems.

Note: regarding my strategic vision for Sun (link above or pic 2 below), I am still left wondering why’s shutdown screen (a news site that briefly reported on the strategy back in 2003) is not accurate today as to when it itself began. Seems like it should read 2001 and not 2006, what am I missing? It was only acquired in 2006.

ref: 1 2 3 4

However, the whole idea of activist investing is new to me. It’s like management consulting on steroids.

Today, imagining myself as an activist investor (or working closely with one,) I would investigate, test and eventually install free energy devices into pre-existing energy infrastructure. Regardless of outcome, that process should be broadcast live and also turned into a documentary.

Not everyone sells out!

Keep calm it’s probably just Unreal Engine


Tom Petty – Free Fallin’ (1989)

Prince 2011: It was an honor to play with Tom Petty – ‘Free Fallin’ is one of my favorite songs. I used to love whenever he would come on MTV, because you knew you were going to get a great tune. MTV isn’t like that anymore.


Orgonite Austin – Orgonite Ethics (2018)