Social Proof, not Social Goof!

Perception creates reality but in Lenny Kravitz’s case (and probably mine,) I think reality eventually creates perception.

In 1992 (above) I owned the Digipak edition of LK’s 2nd album (below left) and in 1993 I owned the Digipak of album 3:

My dad’s first reaction was to his name – okay so he must be Jewish!

However, my beloved Mama Said ended up severely scratched after I lent it out to a school friend in 1993.

Anyway, on 12 Feb 1994 I saw LK in concert and I even bought a long-sleeved t-shirt – but that’s over now.

During this time LK wasn’t really hard, manly or grungy enough to be universally accepted, at least at my school. I just liked his music. Image was secondary to me, if not completely irrelevant.

In Newcastle, Daniel Johns was bashed because he wasn’t masculine enough, and his music was already pretty heavy.

They were the cool guys, we were just the others guys that were in a band that wasn’t as masculine. (1:00)

In May 2018, I took this photo in Atlit, Israel and by September Lenny had his album cover on the shelves:

Today a rainbow literally appeared in front of me through the trees as I started playing this on drums, and it dissipated by the end.

It’s in my squint at 0:29 … It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over… yeah… tell that to the Social Goofs who stare at the rainbows that no one else are yet to see!