St Germain

“Some people do kundalini in a clear way, some people don’t, then it comes right up, causing the mind to shift – burns out the mind, in some people’s cases – but when it is balanced, it just is an addendum to your life, it just adds in. It doesn’t really awaken, it opens your capacity to function with your spirit through your body rather than through your mind and through your imagination. If you’ll notice, people who really stand in their knowing and have a truth mechanism in there, it’s because they experience it in some fashion in their body, not in their mind. So energy when it moves in the body is identified as Shakti, as kundalini –  everyplace has a different name.

“You have to understand that that energy moves through everybody. When it’s focused – or when you bring your awareness to it – you can start experiencing it. It’s to give you relationship with the other part of your humanness, which is spirit. Spirit as it is through your form rather than as God, which is a focus of the mind. That’s why oftentimes people single out religion vs. spirituality, because religion is the focus of the consciousness – it is truly spirit – but it is a focus, it focuses through the mind, it uses the mind – when we talk about spirituality, it uses or functions with the body. And considering that the body is the only thing you have as a human being that stays present, do you see how it opens a whole different world to you? And where your mind does not come to the present, it was not designed that way, it never was, your mind is designed to be in the past and the future, it’s to help you function in cycles. It is a past and future-oriented mechanism, to help support cycles.

“The body is present to open you up to all that you are, in a given moment. The body is able to be present, so therefore you can have a relationship with all that is, which is identified as spirit, okay? And it’s always there, it’s part of your humanness.”

source (part 5)
— Volume 2, #1, Spring 1999 issue of the Olympia Institute Quarterly.