Heart Carving – A Retrospective v1.0

As I look back on the infographics above from my essay Heart Carving – skiing for precision, power and freedom (10 Jan 2012) I realize how much of those insights and observations became background thought (as opposed to foreground observations) as the shape of my ski changed from 2012 onward – and my skill level increased.

However, the focusing on the heart (and eventually the breath) is (and was) the key to elevating the experience of skiing.

The video below refers to the skiing done that was pertinent to the infographics at top. I did begin the Heartcarving journey in 2002 in New Zealand (Mt Ruapehu) and then Snowbird in 2003! But the full paradigm mentioned above only started to form while rollerblading prior to 2006.

Date idea: Danny and Brigitte at the skatepark v1.1

Danny is on rollerblades and Brigitte on her skateboard. They get there early before an event and have a skate-off, Brigitte clearly the better of the two [pic 1], and she’s used to the attention, yet she doesn’t skate at 100% because she is new to the park. A bunch of guys are properly eyeing her off [pic 2,4] in a lustful way, and she’s pleasantly surprised but also still timid. Interestingly, a few guys see her as the Asian girl and even feel a little intimidated by her skill and beauty.

Danny: You know, if this was your local, you’d never miss home.
Brigitte: Still undecided about it all. Pros – lots of skaters. Cons – lots of skaters.
Danny: For me, I think home is Bazzu.
Brigitte: I’m more into humans.
Danny: We’re cuter (winks at her)
Brigitte: I don’t know, I always thought Zimmy was pretty hot. [Zimmy has climbed a tree to get a better viewpoint]
Danny: You have high standards [both laugh]

[She feels some racism too as some guy pushes the edges of his eyes back slyly while rubbing his face (perhaps intentionally).]

Brigitte: I do miss home

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Danny and Brigitte III – religion vs nationalism vs individualism vs consumerism v1.0

note: Brigitte should speak English well, just not read it too well, she is learning to read it. Also, Danny is a Mormon, but feels pulled in different directions by different forces. Brigitte also has her own squad, and the leader is jealous of her style and charisma with Brigitte being too timid to go it alone, but Danny supports her for it. He has already been through this journey with his strict Mormon family and the need to just “not give a damn” and respond with detachment and equanimity to all twists of fate – good and bad.

Danny: No one is an atheist. People just have different Gods.
Brigitte: I try not to think about it too much
Danny: The God of emptiness
Brigitte: OK, you win
Danny: The God of competition
Brigitte: I get it. You can stop.