Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole – Unforgettable (live 1992)

Adrian: Do we shoot this on location or as virtual?
Director: We’re doing both!
Adrian: So keeping our options open?
Director: Yep, it’ll be so Unreal!
Adrian: Unforgettable too!
Director: In every way! [looks at him singing the tune]
Adrian: That’s how you’ll stay [singing and looking at nearby actor]
[everyone laughs]


The Presets – Martini (2018)

“I need us to imagine that like wow… Martini”


The Presets – Tools Down (2018)

Keep Calm and Don’t Be a Tool.


New Zealand: Full of Surprises!


The warship HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently entering service.



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December 28th 2019. HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) and HMS Prince of Wales (R09) docked on Portmsooth Harbour. At 284m long and weighing 65,000 tonnes, these supercarriers are the largest warships ever operated by the Royal Navy and the largest ships ever constructed in Britain. R08 is nearing readiness and can operate the new F-35B Lightning II, whereas R09 won’t be ready for service until 2023, which will be almost 50 years after the Navy’s last supercarrier, HMS Ark Royal (R09), was decommissioned. #aircraftcarrier #aircraftcarriers #hmsqueenelizabeth #hmsprinceofwales #supercarrier #boat #ship #warship #portsmouth #portsmouthharbour #hmnbportsmouth #royalnavy #navy #navybase #nikon #nikond500 #d500 #50mm #50mmphotography #spinnakertower

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