Backpack Testimonial

I bought my Aiking Australia daypack sometime in 1994 for around AUD$200 after a hiking teacher at Timbertop spoke so highly of the brand at the end of 1993. Interestingly, Aiking (now One Planet) have supplied the school ever since. I used the pack as my school bag in 1995 and 1996, and also for uni – it has never failed me. It is neither too large, nor too small and I can even use a larger pack on my back and then have this on my front if need be. It is going in for its second repair, and it needed one in around 2000. It has brutally strong canvas and has an extended oversize YKK zip around the perimeter. All the inner seams are still fully intact. The black cordura base is also in top condition. This pack has been so dependable, I have almost taken it for granted, but not so much that I throw it around. Perhaps one day it can be reissued, and like the old Gibson guitars that have their fadings, stains and wear marks recreated – perhaps this pack can also have its patina recreated  so that everyone can experience its good looks and high build quality. It is getting a wash at this point, yet I doubt it’ll lose its soul glow.

Well done to the One Planet team.