Part 2: Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove
– film synopsis – please see tag Chalice for additional pics and Part 1 here
– Non-commercial license: (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
– The city of Melbourne can be changed to any fictitious name and the characters and story are completely fictitious in nature.

As Mr Sponsz is investigated, Scimitar’s military partner Waygo (with its female CEO Synthia Brambin) become concerned they could feel the ‘heat’ too and decide to eliminate Hokeler with the help of Sponsz, as Waygo have been supplying Hokeler’s firm (Scimitar) with weapon technologies. Waygo has links to lethal subversive campaigns around the world. Up until that point, Hokeler has been in regular contact with Mr Sponsz and Ms Brambin and has records of the interactions. Hokeler and Sponsz are also lovers, and Hokeler knows a lot about Sponsz. Too much for Sponsz’s liking.

In view of this, there is a scene earlier in the film where Sponsz has spent the night with Hokeler at his house and Sponsz is driving Hokeler’s Ferrari home with Hokeler in the passenger seat talking to Redd White (see below.) Redd White explains to him that he thinks that if Patty suffered intense losses, she could garner sympathy and obtain renewed funding and advanced weapons and the war would go on for longer, for his (and their) financial benefit. He doesn’t tell him that he plans to do this by transferring the tri-weapon to Kurvi-Tasch instead. It’s a sort of game for Redd White.

Thus, to decide on this ‘hit,’ there is a meeting scene with Mr Sponsz and Brambin (whose father was unduly judgemental and strict with her as a child, and abusive.) During this meeting, Brambin even receives a call from her mother who wants an update on her life progress, always unhappy with her because she has no children – she hates children – she was a child when she was sexually abused by her late father and she also resents her mother for this. So Brambin represents a female Dr Strangelove character.

Thus, with Hokeler gone, Brambin and Sponsz’s plan is to destroy all the equipment in his office (it’s part of the Blucorp incubator) .. and that’ll be easier to do with Redd White already dead too (by Patty.) That’ll make a police investigation much more difficult and it can be business as usual as they look for new war financiers and weapons firms.

One morning Thomson and Thompson arrive at Hokeler’s house for a surprise questioning (see above) after already questioning Sponsz (end of part 1) but are waiting for Tintin to arrive to receive some documents. The assassin sees this and makes her move right as Hokeler checks to see who is outside his house from his rooftop garden. Tintin is passing by from the street perpendicular on his way to meet T+T and instead follows her over a fence. He sees the assassin heading toward Hokeler and races toward her with Snowy. Snowy grabs her ankle and she falls off the roof and hits her head on the ground and passes out. She ends up being arrested by T+T.

The final scene has Sponsz and Brambin together on a ship in international waters. The ship is the Bordurian. The ship docks in Borduria with Kurvi-Tasch getting on board. At this point, Kurvi-Tasch’s funding has dried up, including that from Redd White and his regime is about to crumble. The three leave Borduria on the ship with Calculus fitting a tracking device to it at the dock, and then messaging Boron, Tintin, T+T and Haddock who are nearby on a large Australian naval ship nearby to follow it. There is a screen wipe and then a shot of the naval ship following the Bordurian which looks tiny in comparisson and some soldiers storming the ship, just as Sponsz is about to make out with Brambin (she becomes a bi-sexual for him.) Sponsz is already a bi-sexual, although neither Brambin nor the audience know that – they think he is just gay up until this point so it’s a surprise and is revealed at the height of his peril.

* note one plot issue with the story is having Sponsz also being a Melbourne politician who ends up being voted out of power due to the news story. Perhaps he should be a Melbourne businessman with close links to the premier of Victoria. Or, his brother can be the premier with the same surname.