Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
Sequence: Homeless Hit
Non-commercial license: (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Muller, who works as the leader of the hit team at Sponsz and his sidekick Violette are targeting homeless people for the tri-weapon. Violette works as a volunteer at a soup kitchen for this reason. One late night, she pours a cupful of poison into the soup pot as it’s being prepared. She notes who takes the soup. About 10 minutes later she distributes food coupons to the people that took the soup while they are sitting down consuming it. The coupons can be used the following day at local restaurants to obtain food. Each coupon has a thick piece of cardboard taped to the back that says “The holy messiah is coming.” This way she comes off as a religious lady feeding the needy and can have brief conversations about Jesus as well. Within that piece of cardboard is a very small tracking device. She also walks around with cups of orange juice, into which a few of them she has poured the antidote. So some soups-eaters have had the antidote via the orange juice, some have not.

Later that night Violette gets into the white Porsche with Muller and they find all the homeless people via their tracking device. A lost dog walks passed the Porsche. They then fly a specially fitted drone over each person to simulate murdering them with a frequency that turns the poison (up until that point harmless) into a known neurotoxin. The drone has an infrared camera to record each hit and take back to Sponsz and ultimately Brambin to examine. The drone is also high altitude and long-range and their car has deeply tinted windows so no one can see inside. They do this from an empty side-street as the homeless people have found their resting spots around the soup kitchen’s suburb. One couple they find near some train tracks, the 60’s couple and the man dies in the woman’s arms as they hum Imagine by John Lennon.

The woman took the orange juice (antidote), whereas he did not. The antidote, neutralizes the neurotoxin as it becomes viable. The woman does suspect something as she feels slightly ill when her partner dies. She ends up calling the ambulance via a jogger in the morning when she realizes he’s dead. Muller and Violette only run the one hit that night as a test run, but they plan to repeat over the coming months if need be. Sponsz will use his links to government and military to run the full operation in the guise of national security. This first hit had already been cleared for it.

Probably a better option: they run multiple hits that night to cause the social chaos the next day after already having got clearance to do so. Lennon’s Imagine can start playing in the background after this first hit, and then move into a Godfather-like multi-purge death sequence on all the homeless people. This is what’s to happen in Borduria on the rebels, if Redd White gets his way!