Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
Sequence: Dream Hit
Non-commercial license: (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Usage: can replace “Boron is followed and kidnapped” scene from part 1 – instead Boron can have this dream as he lies down to sleep and the audience should always be aware it is a dream whereby all the characters can be in color and the remainder in black and white and/or it can be a no-cut God-cam that enters people’s heads in a type of universal follow drone.

The dream starts off at Como House (1st pic) where Boron is on the lawn reading the paper. One knife is thrown and stabs the newspaper the next skims his leg and cuts it causing him to bleed. Boron leaves Como House (2nd pic) and he sprints up Washington Street and sees a kind woman entering her house with a dog (3rd pic.) He reaches the house and she lets him into her apartment where she keeps many pets. The two pursuers all dressed in white ring on the doorbell and she doesn’t let them in as Boron sees Violette and Sponsz on the screen. They have followed his blood drops up the pavement to that residence. The woman can also give Boron a towel to press against his bleeding leg. Moments later a third person arrives in a white Mercedes 4WD with a high-powered flamethrower connected to a tank under the car and torches the building, which erupts in flames. That person is Muller.  The three outside can also throw grenades. Adrian and the kind woman leave via the side door into the street and the pursuers see him so he sprints off. He manages to lose the 4WD as Muller is having too much fun torching the building and watching lit animals escape through a broken window while he torches them. Some animals have their hair alight (meanwhile the kind woman is trying to save them.)

Boron makes it to a large house on St Georges road (4th pic) with a white utility vehicle (the one to be shipped to Borduria) still in the driveway. He rings the doorbell and hears a man call from the roof. Boron moves out to the middle of the road to see Redd White standing on the roof. He also sees the two pursuers approaching him, and as he looks to the man on the roof, Redd White pulls out a rifle and shoots Boron in the head. Boron wakes up.

important note and disclaimer: the locations and properties in the photos were chosen for their proximity to each other, their visual appeal and stimulus for story ideas. By no other means do they represent any preference for their inclusion in this story sequence. Any residence could be used depending on the logistics of the filming, and even imagined and created for that purpose. This same principle applies to all the photos selected on this blog used for Chalice of Malice and related Tintin storyboard images.

– there is no escape: you can’t run, you can’t hide – but you can and must fight at some point.
– everyone fights in different ways
– dreams can be predict the future so that that future can be avoided or changed
– better to die in a dream than in real life
– dreams give insights not apparent to the conscious mind
– news is fake and doesn’t tell you the real dangers
– enemy has blood lust and can get joy from hurting animals
– friendly people can be rich or poor, with no sure markers or outcomes: playing with probabilities