Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
+ Josef Hoffmann sideboard
+ Josef Hoffmann chair
+ Josef Hoffmann winged chalice

Kurvi-Tasch intro scene
Here, the dictator of Borduria, Marshal Salazar Kûrvi-Tasch (note rebel Patty is from neighboring Syldavia and has a multi-generational grudge against Kurvi-Tasch and could also be connected to its current king or queen holding the sceptre, in addition to White) is shown and speaks to Redd White via video call who is financing him (White himself is financed by others who are not mentioned.) White reveals that he is seeking to obtain a new weapon for him to use against Patty who Kurvi-Tasch is currently fighting. On the chair behind him is a gift from White, a winged-chalice that he bought as a pair where he gave the other to Patty.  The “Chalice of Malice” could refer to this chalice, and/or the one that Rosalind uses when trying to poison Adrian Boron.

Unlike Herge Tintin, here in 2019, Kurvi-Tasch and Sponsz do not know each other. Kurvi-Tasch does not even need to know Hokeler (Scimitar CEO,) rather he just gets info from White later that a weapons shipment is arriving from Australia on a particular ship that he must intercept, and he can even use his guards Krônik and Klûmsi to help with this naval interception (and they can also be shown in this scene.)