Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
+ Robert Adam candle stands
+ Robert Adam covered vases
+ George Stubbs – A lion attacking a horse
+ Antoine-Louis Barye bronze
+ Wedgwood vases
+ Chimneypiece from 77 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin (1780, England, Cararra + Breche marble, steel)

Sponsz introductory scene

Here at Sponsz’s place Henry Sponsz (foreground) is speaking to his hitman/psychiatrist/friend Muller (background.) Henry mentions to Muller the need to help out his boss/partner/friend Redd White who is developing a weapon for the Bordurian theater through White’s investee firm Scimitar and its CEO, Hokeler (Henry could also be invested in this company – it is not known, he might even want to invest later.)

Even though Henry Sponsz introduced Redd White to Patty, Henry does not know that Redd White also knows Kurvi-Tasch after White later reached out to him personally (they have mutual acquaintances.) Thus Henry (and Hokeler) think their weapon is going to Patty and they are the ‘good guys.’ They don’t know that White wants the weapon to go to Kurvi-Tasch as alluded to in the previous scene so he can make more money and prolong the war (White’s own backers might want that too.)

As such, Redd White is paying Sponsz, Muller (and Violette) to help out Hokeler with weapons testing and ‘hits’ – whatever is needed to ensure business continuity and Sponsz is also helping with his links to government (his brother is a political leader) and other various insiders.

Muller figurine