Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice
+ Atelier Populaire La Lutte continue, Paris, 1968
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Redd White office scene

After having already seen Kurvi-Tasch speak to White, this is a better view of his office and the spying capabilities that he has of the companies in Blucorp’s portfolio. Blucorp itself has many investors (including public ones,) and his covert role is to keep the wars going and to continually divide-and-conquer wherever he can. He has his IT guy come in and show him a new system for completely monitoring all his CEOs and staff for whom he supplies finance, offices, laptops and all internet connectivity. His assistant and partner April May is a sort of cult-follower and he tells her a lot of what he is up to, although she herself has little ambition, intelligence or moral sense (and a lot of loyalty.) Redd White has a fetish for war propaganda and uprising posters. He speaks to Patty here and secretly enjoys her anguish and determination at being the rebel leader for whom he funds and promises a new weapon to “take the head off the serpent.” He lives vicariously through her, and wants to feel a part of human history, although he never wants to see anyone ‘win’ for whom he supports – they could eventually overpower him and he’d lose his “feelz and lulz.”