Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice

Port scene 1

Captain Haddock is first shown here, whereby he strikes up a conversation with the Port Director, Jammo (nickname for Captain James Chester.) They have known each other for a long time, and Jammo has decided to quit sailing and stay grounded in order to see more of his family. They decide to go drinking at BiggieSmalls bar that night (where they end up meeting Adrian Boron.) Jammo likes the bar because of the breakdancing and music – a welcome change from the mundane nights on his ship Sirius . It is also a local bar to him. The same girls at Como House end up at BiggieSmalls that night on their hens’ outing.
Also, shown at the port is the vessel Bordurian that is meant to take the weapons truck to Borduria and also seen is Haddock’s Sentry Seven where the truck ends up after Tintin adjusts Jammo’s cargo-sheet in the story’s climax.

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