Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice

Shrine discussion scene

Henry Sponsz meets JM Dawson, a corrupt government contact who will allow Sponsz to test the weapon on homeless people without legal repercussions. Sponsz knows him through his brother. Dawson could also be Melbourne’s Police chief – although that would not reflect reality in any way, shape or form. Dawson can also be Sponsz’s own brother, and thus renamed. Violette is seen here too, who along with Muller is part of Henry’s hit and testing team.

It may also be useful to have Hokeler appear here too – or rather Sponsz can call him on the phone after Dawson leaves telling him to go ahead with the weapon testing.

In Herge’s Tintin, Dawson is the corrupt Shanghai Police chief and, “appearing in a more sinister role in The Red Sea Sharks, sells weapons to both General Alcazar and General Tapioca using the pseudonym Mr. Debrett.” source 1

In Herge’s Tintin, obviously Colonel Sponsz and JM Dawson wouldn’t know each other.

This meeting can take place at night on Australia Day (26 Jan) when fireworks can be seen over the city (pics.) Alternatively, the meeting can take place during the daytime on any other day and they can just be walking through the surrounding park. In either case, they can step over a homeless person, who they later murder. The scene can close with a shot to the roof of the shrine, and then a cut to the war in Borduria.

Expanding, ANZAC day (25 April) is Australia’s most important day of remembrance and centers on the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. It is a public holiday and recalls a huge defeat in Turkey, but also celebrates the birth of a nation where “Bush Spirit” joined with “Duty to Empire” (Egan, The Land Downunder, Ch 18, 2003) yet resulted in almost 30,000 Australian casualties. It has become a memorial to all Australians who have served in war. By using this symbol, the audience can relate to their own experience with war and sacrifices to their country for the supposed greater good.

Also, it is interesting to note that the two battles occurring here are the one in Borduria and the other in Melbourne between Tintin and the arms machine that enable the Bordurian war to continue – with homeless people as the first casualties.

One issue for this film can be: Someone is going to suffer, but who is it going to be, and how? Through justice, circumstance or revenge?