Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice

Scene: BiggieSmalls bar closing

This scene can lead to an actual encounter with the Blues Brothers later if need be (for example see pic below.)
As BiggieSmalls is closing, a couple of girls from the hens night walk out too.

Girl 1: Hey Archie, we’re going to the Blues Brothers after-party show, wanna come?
Tintin: Well I came especially to drive him home
[Girl 2 points to poster on window – that poster can be adjusted to show a real BB show in Melbourne]
Haddock: Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles! Tintin, she’s serious!
Girl: Haha, no I’m not – you must be drunk!
Haddock: Drunk! Me? Impossible!
Girl 2: Okay captain, well maybe some other time then?
Tintin: Why don’t you come with us?
Girl 1: Haha, we’ll see! [girl gives Haddock her card]
Haddock: Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon!
Tintin: Great snakes! Bye.
Girl 1 + 2: Bye

The bar door closes and Captain Chester stumbles out as the girls walk off.

With the girl’s card, Tintin or Haddock can call her later and meet them along with the Blues Brothers (who the girls actually picked up,) and they can then help Boron when he finds Muller’s car.

Important Note: Rather than Haddock receive the card from the girl, Adrian Boron should receive the card instead, and he later dreams about the group of girls (and BiggieSmalls himself) in the Dream Hit sequence, where they appear in front of Como House (see here) as he leaves. Also, the song F### You Tonight can be playing in the bar when he meets Haddock on the dance floor, along with the girls, and they all dance together. It’s the whole “mission from God” connection and so Jake and Elwood can agree to help Boron and Tintin when they finally meet. The song to be played at this point is She Caught the Caty (original) as seen here.

The Blues Brothers could fit a tracking device to the white truck and the Blues Brothers can refer to S.C.M.O.D.S. when fitting the device (1:16):

Instead in 2019 the BB use the term Some Cars Might One Day Suck. Interestingly, the Bordurian is also being tracked as well with another device (fitted at the dock.. by Tintin) so the Australian naval ship can intercept it at the end. Violette herself tracks the homeless people she targets for murder and weapons testing.

Jake: What the hell are you doing?
Elwood: This can is from a surplus disposal run. Fifteen overcharged ounces of pure, uncompounded isopropyl butane monosulfate. When combined with oxygen and a little heat it will cause a rapid expansion.