Tintin and the Ormus King: Chalice of Malice

Venue scene modification
Instead of BiggieSmalls, which has no dancing, the venue for Haddock/Chester/Boron (then Tintin) to meet can be Grumpy’s. Also, just as the girls are leaving, the Blues Brothers can arrive.

Elwood: Who are these guys? [asks Girl 1, pointing finger]
Boron: We’re on a mission from God [hollers to Elwood]
Jake: Tell that to a judge [brushes off clothing]
Boron: No really, we are
Elwood: Hey, some other time, alright?
Boron: Just sleep on it!
Jake: Sure will [raises eyebrows at girl 1]
[they all walk off]
Jake: We don’t want any rappers in the band
Girl 1: They might make good roadies

[Calculus can meet Jake and Elwood later in front of the white truck after some phone calls]