Blues Brothers integration

– Calculus and the BB should fit a second tracker to a Mercedes G-Wagon at Scimitar HQ (to where it’s registered,) while Sponsz and his team are visiting and the BB and Calculus see them all getting out.

Sponsz: I saw Tintin at the train line, you know, the other day asking questions.
Muller: Don’t worry about it.
Sponsz: I’m not. [they walk into the building]
Elwood: They don’t look too friendly [while hidden behind some trees]
Jake: Thanks Professor [Elwood looks at Calculus]
Elwood: I was just saying, you know, maybe we should track them too
Jake: Damn Jake, I mean like, Fuck
Elwood: A friend in need is a friend indeed [Calculus looks at Elwood]
Jake: Can’t he just be a fair-weather friend or something?
Elwood: Actually, I think we should all become policemen, I mean if you can’t beat them, join them. [they fit the tracker]

– Thus, in the synopsis, “Sponsz’s hit squad attempt a drive-by kidnapping from a van but the two escape by getting onto a train track with a train hitting a couple of Sponsz’s men after being pushed by Boron and Rosalind.” Here the BB can come to Tintin’s aid during that scene, because they have access to the tracking device to that Merc vehicle. They can call Tintin when they get an alert on how fast the Merc is moving and Tintin doesn’t answer his phone. It could be an extended car chase, and the BB can be in an ex-highway patrol vehicle:

However, the Merc  should not be destroyed and is tracked again later by Tintin, when the BB tell him how they came to his aid and he starts using the tracking device himself.

– Tintin starts tracking the Merc vehicle and rather than just happening to be at the same place at the same time to catch Violette (when he’s meant to meet T+T at Hokeler’s to give them documents and whereby she’s on a hit) he is also forewarned of her arrival by using the tracker and calls the BB to come. Also, Muller can be with her driving the vehicle. Muller sees the BB in their ex-highway patrol vehicle (badly damaged from last car chase) and decides to speed off. However, he hits a bikey who is somewhat drunk and leaving a cafe. He falls off his bike:

All the bikey’s friends get on their bikes and Muller drives off, but he lets out Violette around a corner to do her hit. The last shot of Muller is being pursued by a bunch of angry bikies holding up clubs. The police notice the bikies pursuing Muller and his van matches the CCTV footage of the drive-by kidnapping, and as the bikies see the police, they think they are the ones being pursued and start driving down sidewalks. Muller is eventually arrested and tied back to the homeless killings (along with Sponsz and Violette) – the police find the tracking coupons on the victims and can pursue the case once the Royal Australian Navy are involved.

– Boron sees this Merc vehicle in his dream

– Tintin should fit a tracking device to the Bordurian as well when he is at the dock and Haddock and Jammo are speaking. The BB get these 3 tracking devices from one of their friends they met whilst in prison.

– Tintin, Haddock and Boron get the attention of the Royal Australian Navy at the end for the final scene by having Haddock deliver them the white truck from his ship. This also allows any charges against them and the BB to be eventually dropped.

Highway patrol pic license