Wedding scene (optional)

In this final scene Elwood marries his long-time groupie, aka Jennifer (Girl 2) and Adrian marries Rosalind: someone he met whilst he was a science student at university. In the synopsis it says “Rosalind is shot, and as she is dying,” obviously she doesn’t end up dying, but if she does, then Adrian wouldn’t marry her in this final scene. Furthermore, Jake could get married here instead of Elwood – or neither of them. Tintin also received a cheque for providing information crucial to the homeless murders case, which he split.

Elwood: Well Jake, finally the big day pal. What’dya say?
Jake: It could’ve been worse [Jake looks at the bride] Yep we sure made it. No one can take that away from you.
Elwood: True. When you’re right, you’re right.
Jake: Actually, when I’m right, I’m usually wrong. You know that.
Elwood: I know, I just didn’t want to say it.
Jake: I know. In case you were wrong. Right?
Elwood: Maybe.
Jake: By the way, Jennifer looks amazing. [Jake’s date here is Girl 1 and at that point she walks up]
Elwood: That wrecked police car looks amazing too.
Jake: Just for old time’s sake, ay. Nice prop, isn’t it?
Elwood. Yeah, real nice. I mean it.
Girl 1: Jake, the band’s ready, let’s get started. Elwood good luck. [they walk off]

Adrian: You know, I’m so happy I met Haddock and your good self, and I got to hand it to you Tintin, that reward cheque has come at the right time to let this all happen.
Tintin: Timing is everything. And stranger danger, people need to get over it.
Adrian: True, true. Watch those drones, though [looks up at photography drone]
Rosalind: I wonder if Elwood will want to play in the band in the years ahead. It’ll be hard to raise a family when he’s on the road.
Tintin: Ahh you know, they’ll work something out.
Haddock: I’ll help. There will always be work on the docks.
Rosalind: We’re going on a road trip for the honeymoon, you know.
Haddock: It’s all the journey, not the destination. You know why?
Rosalind: No, why?
Haddock: Because if you remember the destination you were never really there [raises his glass]

[the band starts playing and they all raise their glasses in a toast that is called by Jake just before Elwood starts singing the final song, Nat King Cole – Route 66 or Straighten Up and Fly Right]