Tintin and the Ormus King – Chalice of Malice
+ Nathaniel Dance – The Pybus Family (1769)

Intro sequence (the great dream precursor)

[Adrian Boron and Rosalind are working at the Ormus Research Institute office in Melbourne.  There are a few worldwide, including Israel. Both have family in Australia.]
[2025 shown across screen]
Adrian: Our wedding in June, do you think we’d of been better off having the wedding in Israel?
Rosalind: There’s a lot to let go of, but I think what we’re doing is right.. we got the grants and permits for ormus exploration and research here, and the wedding will be beyond good.
Adrian: Best to swim with the current than against it. Right?
Rosalind: Right.
Adrian: But Salmon are the strongest.
Rosalind: Strong yes… but the strongest? I don’t think so.
Adrian: When smoked, they’re not. They’re the tastiest.
Rosalind: Haha. Focusing on the big day for a sec, I’m heading to the Gardens House today, wanna come?
Adrian: Ahh, I need to head home, I’m knackered.
Rosalind: I’ll stop and smell the roses for you.

[at this point he goes home, falls asleep, and the story goes into dream mode, the period between then and his wedding is not included in the story… in its place is the dream’s timeframe.
“Notorious BIG – Juicy” starts playing as he falls asleep – straight into the lyric “It was all a dream.”
While previous OK stories have had dreams markedly different to waking life. The dream is to be remarkably lifelike, and can take all the facets of a waking life portrayal. It is a reality that’s occurred in a parallel universe, and Adrian Boron wakes up as though he’s actually lived it.]