– 3 few word tweaks: A strange alliance forms to counteract a foe promoting lethal conflict worldwide.

This is a poster idea, and also coincides with some extra dialogue below from the final wedding dream scene, where Adrian Boron wakes up. However, this poster location differs from the wedding location. It’s in Nimbin, not Gardens House.

Thomson: Look Thompson, there’s Elwood and there’s Jake.
Thompson: Elwood small, Jake tall? [pointing]
Thomson: No. Elwood tall, but Jake not small, to be precise.

Elwood: Oh Shit.
Jake: What?
Elwood: Doppelgangers [points to T+T].
Jake: Or d-bags? Actually they’re just cops.
Elwood: Cops… really today?
Jake: Yeah, Tintin invited them.
Elwood. Good, I thought they might’ve been here to steal the presents
Jake: Or the show.
Elwood: If they did, we’d just have to make an arrest – a citizen’s arrest of course
Jake: Well Elwood, I’d do anything to stay out of Joliet…[pauses] Almost anything [looks at T + T]
Elwood: Cops. If you can’t beat ’em..
Jake: Join ’em. I know, I know… well I’ll be first to be second.
Elwood: And I’ll be second to be first. [both shrug]

Rosalind: I brought you some roses!
Boron: Great, finally I get a chance to smell them!
Rosalind: They’re all yours [hands them to him]
Boron: From my queen. We’ll have to come back here on our anniversary [looks around gardens]
Rosalind: Why even leave?!? [Rosalind and Adrian kiss — Adrian Boron wakes up from dream into bedroom where he sees his suit by the bed. It can be the morning after.]