Chalice of Malice / Dream Team

The following pics are to be used as the basis for the Homeless Hit sequence. However, instead of working at a make-believe soup kitchen in that sequence, Violette can work as a volunteer for Vinnie’s Fitzroy soup van (or equivalent.) This van operates everyday and has 5 stops, with the one below being 8:15-8:45pm Federation Square, Russell Street, Melbourne CBD. There are a number of volunteer roles listed on the Vinnie’s page above, and she can be a donor to the organization too.

The advantage of this location is that it is very central, and within walking distance to the Shrine, and also has the train tracks running below ie close to Flinders Street train station. Muller can also be following in the white truck, waiting for Violette’s shift to end so they can do their hit-run. Note the Target bag in the first photo.