Chalice of Malice
– breakdowns v1.0 (story and locations)

file: breakdowns1 (LibreOffice Calc)

These artifacts dissect the story according to location, transport, music and plot points. The Chalice of Malice posts can be viewed in chronological order through this link. The plot points (pic 4) take the audience through the film for a satisfying conclusion, but do not include introductory or scene-setting sequences, they are presumed.

– new notes to be added to 1.1 but not seen above or in file.

1) BB drive up to Muller and put ET in his car whilst he’s moving, who proceeds to pull the handbrake, cover his eyes, change the gears and cause havoc to make the car stop for the police to catch up and make an arrest. (plot point: Failed Hokeler kill) The BB can also attempt to do that in the Foot chase scene, and that distracts Sponsz enough for the BB to get away (with Boron and Rosalind,) but Sponsz throws out ET quickly – or ET jumps out the window. ET would carry a tracker for the BB to pick him up later.

2) Boron falls asleep by a pool in Hawaii (sleeping on beach is banned there,) leading to black-out and film end. Music starts: Paradise is Waiting (St Lucia remix) (plot point: honeymoon)

3) A flamethrower is fitted to the G-Wagon in the dream-within-dream (as yet unused,) but that can actually be replaced by a weapon that disables electronic circuits and chips by sending out an EMF pulse. It is part of a new weapon being devised by Topolino. Just not sure where/how it would be used in current story. Cars are so electronic today, it could easily disable a car. Alternatively, the BB could have this weapon (as a handheld device) and use it on Muller’s vehicle, rather than using ET as an action hero. The BB obtain this weapon from someone they met in prison along with the 4 tracking devices too (1 for the Bordurian, 1 for the white weapons truck and 1 for the G-Wagon.) The BB can stop their car and give the EMF gun to ET to fire at Muller’s vehicle from the side of the road as he drives by. This is so the police and the bikers will catch Muller and not the BB who don’t want to get close to Muller (even to fire the weapon.) Then the BB can go back and collect ET on foot later after a few hours as he hides in a dumpster (with the last tracking device) – only after the police and bikers leave.

4) During the dream, shots of Boron can be shown where he’s asleep after the wedding with the camera moving out (he then rolls around in bed,) and the camera then moving back into his body. This is optional and is to remind (and tell) the audience it is a dream. This same style of shot is used in the final shot of Boron falling asleep by the pool.

5) On the Australian naval ship, a drone can approach it as controlled by Krônick and Klûmsi but someone aboard can disable it with an energy weapon so it falls out of the sky (sign of dominance.)