Chalice of Malice

Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia (1993)

Ain’t no angel gonna greet me.
It’s just you and I my friend.
And my clothes don’t fit me no more,
A thousand miles
Just to slip this skin.

Note: the NGV (Ian Potter gallery) is a 4 minute walk from this tram stop (Flinders Street train station is across the road) and the shrine is about a 15-20 minute walk. The couple and another man can leave the soup van together at the NGV (8:30pm), and then split here: the couple takes a train to their train-line refuge, and the man walks up to the shrine. Both are murdered that night – the woman survives as she drunk the orange juice with the antidote.

Final words:
Train homeless man: I guess I’ll see you next time
Shrine homeless man: I hope so
Train homeless woman: You sleep well
Shrine homeless man: Always do [shows his hip flask]
[Train woman pats his back]

Tom Hanks could play a homeless man.