Chalice of Malice
– Danielle Brustman Inner-terior (2018)

This scene takes place as part of the pre-murder sequence at Hokeler’s place where Sponsz often sleeps. Scene sequence:

    1. Dawson – Sponsz (shrine)
    2. Muller – Sponsz (Sponz’s place)
    3. Hokeler – Sponsz (Hokeler’s place as seen here)
    4. murder sequence

Sponsz: I trust you have prepared the white truck for tomorrow’s first test run on live subjects?
Hokeler: Why yes of course Hen. You have the test subjects, I have the truck.
Sponsz: We’ll be going to the animal pound. There are dogs and cats there waiting to be euthanized. [this is a lie – Hokeler doesn’t know the full extent of Sponsz’s barbarity – it’s Hokeler’s first job in the arms industry – he’s from a bioengineering background]
Hokeler: Perfect
Sponsz: You know, loose lips sink ships.
Hokeler: Some ships sink anyway [moves close to him while holding the wine glass, which is still full .. Sponsz’s is almost finished.] And you have a track record on this?
Sponsz: Yes. I am standing here – that says enough
Hokeler: So no titanic disasters?
Sponsz: Exactly. Let’s keep it that way.

Note: Hokeler is one of many CEOs that’ve worked for Scimitar.  He hasn’t raised money for Scimitar, nor did he start it. He has been Sponsz’ boyfriend for a long time, even prior to Hokeler starting to work at Scimitar, and Sponsz has been testing and supporting Scimitar and White’s other weapons and war interests for an even longer time. Hokeler’s compromised laptop sits on the table, and there are two glasses – but they  aren’t the chalices.

After the murders, the story sheet sequence is to be:

  1. T + T
  2. Tintin at train tracks
  3. T + T and Ferrari near-hit
  4. White/Patty as mixed with Kurvi-Tasche.
  5. Boron meeting at Grumpy’s (or Pixel Alley) – they’re on a mission from God