Chalice of Malice
– Arthur Boyd David and Saul 1952
– Schulim Krimper various furniture
– Clement Meadmore corded chair and light
– Gundar Lusis vase and platter

This scene takes place during the Scimitar stakeout. Sponsz sets up a video call to White who then directs Hokeler to send the white truck to Station Pier (or Swanson Dock?) for shipping.

Hokeler: Where’s it going?
White: I am unsure myself, our partners are still deciding. It’s going to Borduria first, but that may only be a stopover. Even if I knew, I am not really at liberty to say. [this is a lie, Patty’s expecting it, and White plans to misdirect it to K├╗rvi-Tasch]

Muller, Violette, Topolino and Brambin await outside the office. There is a statue of Saul and David there too.

At this point, Calculus and the BB are outside placing the tracking devices on the truck and G-Wagon. Alternatively, ET can be placing the devices on the vehicles under their wheel arches, after Elwood places him there to do it.

The call to White ends. The video screen reverts back to CCTV shots of outside the office where the vehicles are parked, but no one saw the BB due to the call. (note: pic above is inaccurate, White’s call has ended before Topolino and Brambin enter the room)

Sponsz invites Topolino, Violette, Muller and Brambin into the office. Sponsz eyes off Brambin and she blushes a little, but is still steely faced.

Sponsz: I just wanted to thank the both of you for all your work.
Muller: Our pleasure. [Violette smiles]
Hokeler: The tests were successful at the animal pound.
Topolino: Ahem, yes of course. I personally don’t think the vehicle and equipment are quite ready, but it’s good enough for the work to be done and updates can be applied remotely with all the data we’re gathering from it. [he knows the truth and looked at the data and footage – that data and footage has remained with the truck, that’s why it’s a risk when the truck disappears. It also includes prior driving history and locations – all corresponding with the murder dates and times.]
[Hokeler brings out caviar and champagne from a cooler-bag]
Brambin: Cheers to everyone [barely cracking a smile]