Chalice of Malice

Kurvi-Tash owns (and has access to) bottling plants and plans to poison all bottled water and other drinks.

He could also poison rainwater catchment systems but the poison is often filtered out in the final consumable product.

The beauty of the tri-weapon is that the poison has to be later activated to have any effect.

The poison enters the body as a synthetic nano-liquid that multiplies once in the body. A byproduct of that multiplication is the harmless inactivated neurotoxin. After a few hours, the drone can properly activate the neurotoxin (with certain frequencies) for a fatal reaction to occur as enough is present.

Prior to placement into consumable food or drink, the nano-liquid begins as a liquid concentrate and is combined with molasses and water to ferment for a few days in liquid drums. At that point it is further diluted with more water. As such, 20,000 liters of nano-liquid can be created from 1 liter of original liquid concentrate. This is exactly the same way that “Effective Microorganisms” is created source.

A typical farmhouse water tank can be infected with about 100ml of nano-liquid.

Patty and Kurvi-Tasch could also use drones to drop water balloons full of this nano-liquid into water tanks at night from a high altitude.

The white truck comes with about 8 liters of liquid concentrate, ready to be brewed into nano-liquid once it is unloaded and prepared.

The main effect of the tri-weapon is to terrorize parts of the population, although it can also be used as a straight up WMD.  Either could work to eliminate an enemy.

Additional note: the antidote is brewed in the same way and activated by the same frequencies. The white truck also comes with another 8 liters of antidote concentrate. Theoretically, you could drop 100ml of nano-liquid poison, and 100ml of nano-liquid antidote in the same water tank and the people drinking it would all survive unaffected.

After the homeless murders, during the night, Muller and Violette use the drone to drop a poisoned balloon into a family’s rainwater collection tank in the nearby countryside. During the night, it is raining to wash the poison from the roof into the tank.

The mother is murdered in the morning when she has breakfast and uses the water for coffee. She drank the coffee at 6am (after showering) and they pulsed her at 8.30am when she was in her car taking her kids to school. Violette and Muller are waiting on the road at the top of a nearby hill and even pulse her while she’s at the bottom of her driveway, with the car veering off the road and her children being killed as well through drowning. They send the drone up as soon as they see her getting in the car.

Calculus Affair 1956: “The group travel there in a taxi, but their car is attacked by two men in another car, who force the taxi into Lake Geneva.” wikipedia

Another family they do the same thing but drop an antidote balloon into the tank and they survive – that could happen on another day.

Also, there can be a scene with Topolino and Brambin at Waygo, with Topolino explaining to Brambin how the system fully works – with much based on Calculus’ work in ultrasonics.