Chalice of Malice

Plot idea: When the mother drives off the road with her two kids. The older boy escapes. He kicks out a window but by the time he gets out, the younger sister (or brother?) already drowns.

Their dog also dies because the mother filled her water bowl in the morning and she drank water too as she drank her coffee.

During the final wedding scene, the older boy appears with his father and they give Elwood a hug, and gifts to him and Boron.

Father: It pains me so greatly to say this: but thanks for everything
Older boy: May this evil be purged from this planet
Boron: We’re doing our level best, but the road gets bumpy at times

The homeless woman whose husband was murdered – she appears at the wedding too.

Woman: Oh it’s you, I made it.
Boron: If you’re alive, then you’re successful.
Woman: For anyone really.
Rosalind: Yep! And at any time. [smiles]
Woman: Congratulations too [smiles and pats on the back]