Chalice of Malice
…wedding continued.

The OK1 team are part of Boron’s groomsmen, with the grandchild as the best man – to be used in Rosalind’s photo. Also, she can show him a bunch of pics from the wedding, rather than just one. This gives the audience something concrete to compare with the dream they just saw.

Theme park idea: a person constructs their own dream wedding from any well-known theme park character, and a band can also sing a song with their name and embed their image into a picture and video that they can take with them. They could then walk into a VR scene and have the wedding interrupted by some bizarre occurrence, eg ET phoning home, that the couple can help resolve. The wedding can also be for couples who are already married and want to create their own dream wedding. This could be a good park attraction to attract couples on their anniversaries. Perhaps there is some way adopt a child at the end of the wedding or some other strange options like that – picking from a vast array of gifts or being able to donate to some charity and have the wedding generate some legacy and fame for the couple.

One thing that makes Adrian Boron a superhero (at least to some extent) is that his dream(s) are deeply tied into the mass-consciousness, not just personal-consciousness. So the outcomes of his dreams (and subsequent life) affect the entire world. For a theme park attraction, people could choose their own dreams in some type of lucid dreaming situation – and watch the effects of their dream affect the entire planet. Maybe a Choose Your Own Adventure type ride where the character defining moments can also give the person some insight into their own psychology – for increased self-awareness. And they can compare their outcomes with friends – also good to help children realize the consequences of their own actions. The person gains power in different ways, but the results differ according to the methods used.

Important note: In the book Worldmask (1995), Tatz explains “the material is a shadow of the heavenly or spiritual world.”

So really God is doing everything every second, but people need to act as though they are the cause of their own life: yet that’s an illusion that people need to see through. The big bang didn’t occur once – the world is big-banging at every moment. Miracles are anomalies that indicate God is present at every moment and the laws of nature can and do break by the cause of nature – God. The miraculous wins of the Blues Brothers and Indiana Jones have this theme running through them.

Tatz explained that King David was fully in touch of how God was doing the ‘winning’ for him on the battlefield with every sword stroke, and some other kings even didn’t need to take to the battlefield to win, the stroke of a wand could do the job. I suppose that would be the direction for Ormus King 5: he wins under the most diabolical situations with others who are deeply connected. However, using dreams as the spiritual world is a good starting point to help audiences understand that the world is a mask. Alternate realities exist at all times, and are selected by one’s choices.

I only read this book once in around 2005/6 in Jerusalem, but it did make a lot of sense. Perhaps Adrian Boron and the people around him can get a feeling that “God is on their side” – although that’s a controversial area because that’s how fanatics think too – but they are not kings.