Timeline continued…

Ravens start appearing from out of nowhere and begin appearing whenever anyone is in a state of “flow” (psychological term coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.) This breaks their concentration and binds them into the Rever Black Magic Grid over the next few hours as the brain attunes to the grid and they lose most of their freewill and their body temperature lowers substantially.

What is a Black Magic Grid for? “To collect and gather the life force energy of living things, they created layers upon layers of reversals, mind control transmissions and anti-life architecture in the planetary body, and many of these machines are structures that can be classified as black magic grids. They are sophisticated energy harvesting structures and alien devices that are engineered to collect, distribute and direct planetary life force and human soul energy from across the globe. This can be moved through the grid network and into a specific position, place or person(s) where they want that collective energy to be directed in order to fulfill some plan or anti-human agenda. One of the basic examples of their global black magic is directed in the planetary grid network through alien machinery used to control the money supply, as well as cast black magic deceptions in the minds of people to stay asleep, in a type of dream spell in order to continue to exploit them.” (direct quote with free cultural license)


Adrian and Rosalind are on holiday with their daughter Bonita. He pours from a water cylinder and it runs out of water.

Adrian: You know Rosalind, when cooked in a very hot fire, starches in the potato become dextrose and can be converted into protein in the gut. It was an Essene practice.
Rosalind: Thanks for that – fire is important.
Adrian: Then I heard you need butter to offset the toxins in the potato.
Rosalind: What about the toxins in the butter?
Adrian: Well nothing’s perfect.
Rosalind: It’s as perfect as you want to make it.
[A blue orb appears. ]
Rosalind: This was bound to happen.
Adrian: I think we should go to the hot springs and just try to be as healthy as possible for what’s to come.
Rosalind: Find the fire.



Rosalind and Adrian go to the Innot Hot Springs. They see and hear Beatrix and Daryl with their speaker.
Daryl: You know this is my favourite song? [song plays – Prince cover]
[a blue orb appears – they stare at it]
Beatrix: Oh, one of those.. why don’t you be Clover from now on..
Daryl: OK Crimson [touches her pale red hair]

Rosalind: Hey, nice day.. sort of [the atmosphere has dimmed significantly due to the Rever – it was dimmed before they got there, but the orb made it even dimmer]
Beatrix: Nice necklaces [she notices the Adam Kadmon necklaces they got as wedding presents].. Clover check these out, they look very familiar
Daryl: They are just like the ones from Walsh’s Pyramid between all the aboriginal art.

[The two couples with Bonita go to Walsh’s Pyramid. Beatrix ends up placing the necklace against the rock painting. Two inner-earth creatures come from a passage and invite them to come with them. They say the Earth is currently undergoing a strong Crystal Core Activation. A blue orb appears. Bonita doesn’t want to go and is very vocal and animated about not going with bizarre strangers into tunnels. She then starts drawing pictures in the sand with a stick. A Raven appears, Beatrix points at it. They all run into the tunnel quickly to avoid it. They enter an elevator and meet Gerald, an inner-Earth creature who welcomes them.]

What is happening at this point “is not random and we do not have to be at the mercy of unruly Alien Gods wreaking havoc through Armageddon prophecy. We are on a planet undergoing the pinnacle of the ascension process, during great birthing pangs in the Bifurcation stages. The highest priority is to cultivate and connect a direct relationship with our inner spirit and consciously participate with the Ascension process in the best way that we can. There is nothing to fear, but we need to stay alert and develop awareness of our shifting and changing environments so that we can take good care of ourselves.” (direct quote with free cultural license)


On board the Queen’s ship a man goes into a spasm. Queen Relto of the Sirian High Council calls to abandon their protective mission of Earth as she looks at scanners of the galaxy and receives distress signals from her home planet:

Home administrator: Queen Relto? What the hell has happened? Hostile ships have all appeared around our home planet, forget Earth, we are going to lose ours.
Queen Relto: That was what I was dreading. We’d better keep an observation ship here though.
Queen Relto: Retreat code 14RED [to all the fleet]


Onboard the NAA (negative alien agenda mothership) they notice the Sirian fleet disappearing and the General gets into a call with Xavier and Bubera.

Xavier: we have further checked the orb sent down and it was meant to be used on an Earth mission 5500 years ago for an Annunaki Resistance mind-control operation. The Raven is Adam Belial’s escort and is to help a conduit move through the abyss and receive the pinnacle of universal knowledge, whilst also obtaining a soul.
General: Obtaining a soul.. what in a war? seems like a ruse to me.
[Oni and Kip are standing nearby and hear this conversation. They don’t understand it. Oni gets the General’s attention, and points enthusiastically at Earth, feeling electrified by the Rever.]
General: I think these two want to go to Earth and I don’t see why not to send them?
Xavier: At least they’ll stop bothering you, right?
General: Possibly. The Sirian fleet have gone, so we can send a lander down.
Bubera: Do it. [done – pic 3]

“The spiritual war is being waged at the end of the ascension cycle to attempt to enslave the human body, human mind and human soul, in order to strip individuals of their divine rights of personal autonomy and to hand over their consent to the Controller’s or False Alien Gods, who then have full authority over the consciousness of that individual.” (direct quote with free cultural license)

“Belial may also be believed to be the lord-law on the earth, where by mastery of the earth and material plane can be sought through him. Additionally, some may believe the Gate of Belial opens into the Abyss, revealing many of the secret mysteries of the Universe to the ritualist, who then may embody Adam Belial’s power to rule on the material plane. The Gate of Belial is represented as Two Towers of White and Black, the Light and Dark Sentinels on the Kabalistic Tree, that meet in a vortex portal that opens into the Daath.” (direct quote with free cultural license)