Timeline Continued 3

Gerald and his immediate family guide the 5 around the underground city deep beneath the Earth. He explains their people are a remnant of the Atlantian civilization and are a hybrid with native earth people, whereby they have fused genetic lines together to be able to live underneath the Earth. He said the Atlantian Cataclysm / Atlantian Flood caused the crystal caverns to be basically destroyed (which supported the planetary brain) and many beings died. He showed them one of the destroyed crystal caverns. There was also another flood event and points to marks on the wall – he said it was Noah’s flood. He shows them the Zero Point Field generator that once wirelessly powered their civilization and most of their tech was either stolen or damaged. He finally shows the 5 the Platinum Crystal that they only discovered recently and is currently activated.  His family then offers them all 7 micro platinum crystals that are also glowing because he feels an affinity with them.

Adrian: Gerald, we can’t thank you enough. But we’d like to know more about all this new stuff you’ve showed us?
Gerald: Well you really need to get a historical perspective like from the Historical Timeline Trigger Events but at the moment that information is not really available.
Clover: What about these Ravens and Orbs and stuff?
Gerald: These crystals should help protect you. [they accept the crystals]

“With the Crystal Core activation, the crystalline energies surface into the horizontal grid along with the subconscious fear content of the Fallen Angelic and the NAA engineered mind control that is embedded in the planetary brain. Our individual brain functioning capacity is the microcosm of the planetary brain activity that functions in the collective at the macrocosm level. When we understand more about how our brain works as an energy receiver and tuner to environmental frequencies, as well as to filter emotional experiences, we can begin to understand that the planetary brain works in the same way. The massive quartz crystal shelves that are scattered throughout the planetary body act as the amygdala function of the global brain.” (direct quote)

“The core template of the instruction set in the planetary brain has resumed into tri-wave formats, which allow the planetary brain to actually run zero-point energy into the ascending areas of the network, such as Mother Arc Hub gates.”
. . .
“This New Aeon will make evident over time, the inherent spiritual creative power and consciousness freedom that is generated from the unification of the inner and outer gender principle into Oneness, which generates the feedback loop of an unlimited supply of zero-point energy.” (direct quote)


Back to the wiped-out surfer, he finds his new home by the sea.

Todd: Hi Mum [on the phone]
Jill: I haven’t heard from you from days, you haven’t seen those Ravens have you?
Todd: Actually I have, I am looking at one now. I can’t see myself ever leaving this cave. I wiped out hard when I first saw it.
Jill: Aren’t you cold?
Todd: Nah, it’s a whole new thing, finally my life has meaning. I’m finally free. [The rever and ravens can keep people going without heat, food or water but they basically do nothing except worship the Raven, all the while believing their life is complete – in reality, they’re just hanging out for the Big Day]
Jill: Get help Todd.
Todd: I already have it [looking at the Raven]
[Jill hangs up and he starts worshiping the Raven]


Oni and Kip wander Earth amazed at what they see and feel amazingly charged by the orbs but don’t speak to anyone (language issues) and people look at them strangely. A raven appears and is immediately in awe of them as they have grown up in rever. Oni and Kip don’t become zombies from the ravens because they are already attuned to the rever, also they are not human (neither are the lander crew) and the orb was designed to control humans. The ravens, behaving as intelligent problem-solvers (like dolphins) begin acting out some preprogrammed routine and scavenge nets from a playground and end up flying them to a hideaway, ready for the Big Day. Just before the ravens carry the pair off, a man or woman hurls abuse at them. The society is not fully God-centered. In fact, the main impediment to a third temple is said to be baseless hatred – and this is what caused the second temple to be destroyed – baseless hatred amongst Jews. That still remains throughout this story and in real life.


After much discussion, the 5 decide to go to Israel. They are able to do this because while Earth is slowly becoming ravenized, many of the infrastructural operations on Earth are robotic and don’t need humans to function – such as global travel and transport. The 5 decide to go to the cave of Shimon Bar Yohai where that rabbi channeled the Zohar as he hid from the Romans for 7 years (mentioned here.) As with Shimon, a carob tree and water spring appear. This story is very much about miracles – things that would absolutely never happen in day-to-day life and point to a higher power who can do absolutely anything to his/her/its creation at any time for any reason (or no reason) at all.

The crystals protect the 5 from the rever and ravens, and Beatrix and Daryl (Crimson and Clover) decide to get married in the cave and then they have a baby boy, Jai-Shimon. When still a baby, one day they see light (and white and black towers) emanating from Jerusalem and dark clouds appearing everywhere. They all decide to go to Jerusalem to check it out. Beatrix feels Jai-Shimon drawn to that place as he constantly points to it and smiles. In that time the group have been channeling energies and having deep discussions and dreams, much like Shimon – all the while the 2 necklaces and crystals have been glowing.

At this point, all the population of the Earth have become ravenized and a Cult-of-the-Raven has emerged and everyone belongs to it. In the beginning only people in “flow” states became ravenized, but in time, everyone becomes zombie-like. This Jerusalem event marks a turning point for the next stage: global sacrifice of the zombies. Oni and Kip want to reclaim their souls.