Crimson and Clover – Intro Timeline
– (replaces Rever Timeline – since removed)
– this simplifies the introduction part of the story and leaves for a clearer ending

On planet Zek a very primitive ogre civilization “Gorong” lives in isolation. They have 2 blue orbs that are remnants from Earth . They bathe with the Orb (pic 1), leaving their body infused with Rever and this invigorates them to a degree. The orb leaches the Rever into the water and is self-healing.

Boon: [priest and governor to a group of children]: A hundred generations ago, our ancestors fled planet Urse [he means Earth] to escape a dangerous flood. They took with them this orb. [pic 2]
Young ogre: What will happen to us?
Boon: One day we might obtain a soul and one day we might also return to Earth.

Note: For Boon, this is actually a fairly accurate statement – these ogres did live on Earth, mainly underground and were relocated by the Sirian Council in a daring rescue operation to save them and many others from the Atlantian Flood. The Sirian Council basically abandoned them on Zek. The orbs were found by a young ogre within the underground floodwaters on Earth and were unactivated seed orbs designed to usurp human sovereignty. This happened while a team of negative aliens were smashing up a crystal cave. The cave flooded and washed the pair of orbs away when the young ogre picked them up downstream and hid them until he arrived on Zek. On Earth, these ogres were actually jealous of the humans for their souls and fluid mental-emotional states.



After a time lapse, one day the two orbs start glowing. They got activated on “Civilization Day” on Earth when David’s cube was installed. The ogres then start having extended lifespans and at that point their intelligence also increases. Kip and Oni, son and daughter of Boon and Moira (pic 1) resent that they have to be stuck on Zek and that they were abandoned. They’re frustrated with life on Zek and they want a soul. The parents don’t know how life can change. The parents tell them there is ‘no escape’ and that their civilization has lived on Zek for over 100 generations. The only hope is to ‘wait and pray’ – which the children do.

One day Oni sees a ship crash land. Oni and Kip go and investigate. The pilot is dead but Kip finds a personal locator beacon in the cockpit with a button on it – just before he presses it – Oni stops him (pic 2). Oni and Kip have a discussion and realize that the chance they have been praying for has arrived. They steal the other orb (pic 3). This is the one that Boon has hidden at home and has been handed down through his lineage for generations. They leave a note on the wall that they have gone to “get a soul” and should be returning but don’t know when.

They sneak passed a group when they are in a trance session with the other orb (pic 4). After some time, they get to some open ground and press the button. A rescue ship arrives (pic 5).

Kip and Oni meet the pilot Eedy and Kip shows him the orb. They can’t communicate with each other. All Kip can say is “Urse.” Eedy takes them to a high ranking governor, Xavier.

Kip and Oni meet Xavier (pic 1) and he has his scientist scan it.

Xavier: What do the results tell?
Scientist: The orb is labelled for use on Earth and dates back to Nephilim Wars.
Xavier: The ogre keeps saying “Urse.”
Scientist: I think it might be some type of reverse orgonite thing but I don’t really know. Here’s the list of elements it’s composed of – some are unidentifiable.
Xavier: Looks like there’s an internal structure of a Raven within it.
Scientist: Yep.
Xavier: I think we should just send it to Earth.  Let me just speak to Bubera and the General about it. [conference call starts]
Xavier: We just picked up these ogre siblings and I want to send their ancient Nephilim War orb to Earth. They were picked up from Zek and seem pretty determined about something.
Bubera: [after going into a trance] Send it.
General: Let me see the file. [sees file on screen] How did they get that orb? [the General’s ship is in Earth’s orbit]
Xavier: I have no idea and I can’t understand them, but they have it nonetheless.
General: Okey Dokey. Interesting. Right now Relto has the upper hand and nothing gets through except a few space rocks.
Xavier: Fine. Fine. It’s doable though.
General: Easily.

Kip and Oni end up on the aggressor side of the conflict – the service-to-self negative aliens who hate the changes propagated through many galaxies since “Civilization Day” on Earth. They board a ship (pic 1).

On the defenders side, Queen Relto (pic 2) looks proudly at Earth and the amazing environment that has been created on it. However, as yet, no one including benevolent aliens can land and give gifts. Also the stargates on Earth have been closed. It is free from alien visitors – both good and bad – just the way she wants it as Earth’s energy, vibes and intelligence is broadcast through the universe.

Kip and Oni meet the General who has agreed to send the orb to Earth as a space rock (pic 3).

General: I think it’s some type of offset device that will curtail Earth’s power. [spoken to his wingman as the rock is sent down to Earth]

The orb lands in the desert encased in a protective shield which hatches (pic 1). As soon as it hatches it glows brightly and the area goes dark. A very subtle energy tornado forms and Rever matter appears seemingly out of nowhere for hundreds of kilometers around it. This happens within a few seconds. The tornado is interfacing with the dark field and the Rever is condensing that field into matter. The tornado is not conventional wind, and is barely visibly except for light deviations. The Rever is clearly visible however.

Another orb appears nearby and the same thing happens (pic 2).

The Queen looks upon Earth in horror and the entire planet is encased in tornadoes and Rever within 10 – 15 minutes. She sheds some tears (pic 1).

Even in offices and cities the orbs appear (pic 2).

Wingman: Yeah, it seems like it was designed for Earth
General: We can’t escape destiny [evil laugh] can we?!?
Wingman: Too bad for Relto. [chuckles]