Timeline 4

Here the 6 have arrived in Jerusalem on public transport that works automatically without human intervention. They see the towers which dominate the temple mount. The burning bush is still lit from OK3. During this time everyone they see starts lying down in a semi-unconscious state with ravens appearing next to everyone. The whole world is like this. As mentioned, Oni and Kip not being human are immune to this mind-control. They are flown from their hideout (scene not shown above) when the ravens prepare the net for them to be carried out on. They arrive outside the old city at the base of the stairs that lead into the abyss for the Adam Belial ritual that is designed to give soul-less entities souls after sacrificing those that do.

Belial: Thank you for coming
Kip: No thank you for coming
Belial: It’s my pleasure
Oni: No it’ll be our pleasure
Belial: Let’s begin
Kip and Oni: Let’s

Belial clenches his fists, opens them and two ravens fly toward the siblings with necklaces in their beaks. Each puts one on. The ravens also slightly stab the bottoms of their necks and then green blood dribbles onto the necklaces and covers the sigil in blood for the blood covenant (see quote below.) They start walking up the stairs holding hands. The two ravens escort them up the stairs. People around the world start shaking, quivering and crying.

[As is evident, there’s no questioning, no resistance. Souls are something Oni and Kip have been wanting and needing – Belial is taking advantage of this. Really it’s his plan to kill all humans and ruin God’s plan for them – but he needs a physical conduit on Earth for that to be carried out and on the temple mount he believes it might actually happen. The notion of obtaining a soul is a con-job. This is also a reference to Revenge of the Sith when Palpatine tricks Anakin into believing Padme will be saved, but in the end Anakin kills her.]

Meanwhile, the 6 occupy the top of a nearby hill not wishing to directly interfere in what they see. The key for this dialogue is that they are not emotionally reacting to the events they see. The are living in a world of manifestation rather reaction. They have already had months of deep dialogue, experience and dreams in the cave.

Adrian: Speaking of miracles, how about a world without baseless hatred?
Rosalind: I was thinking more like when you park your car in a tow-away zone and when you come back, the entire area is missing. [Steven Wright reference]
Adrian: Oh, in that case, what if C A T spelled DOG [Revenge of the Nerds II reference]
Crimson: It’s more like expect the unexpected.
Clover: Or in a world of miracles, the unexpected is the expected
Bonita: Yeah, a good ‘ol fashioned God Wink would go down well right now [staring at the scene ahead]

“Calling for Belial’s escort supposedly protects the ritualist from being destroyed by the forces of chaos that exist while travelling in the Abyss, to receive the Universal knowledge. In order to open this gate and enter the portal, one is required in ritual to use sigils sealed in personal blood (blood covenant), and to request Belial to enter the ritualist’s space, inviting this dark entity gestalt into their mind, body, and soul to acclimate them to the Qlippoth black force current.” (direct quote)