Timeline Insertion 1
– into Rashbi (Shimon Bar Yochai) Cave scene

The following sequence is to be included as part of the cave scene just after Jai-Shimon has been born. It has a lone shepherd, a guest appearance by King David come to the 6 to teach on the topic of miracles. This insertion is required so that miracle that appears on the temple mount by Jai-Shimon (in a later sequence) makes more sense to the audience. The text included below is by Akiva Tatz (Worldmask, 1995, Targum) and expands on the topic that David alludes to in the cave and could be used for further reading.

[David walks into the cave]
David: Hello Hello
Beatrix: Shalom. What a miracle that you should walk so freely in this hellish world [looks at ravens flying over the horizon]
David: Oh the world, it’s just a mask
Daryl: A mask…. to what?
David: to … God
Adrian: Speaking of which, can you please say hi to him for me, it’s been a while
Beatrix: It might be a mask, but you being here to me is still a miracle… where are your crystals sir?
[David brushes off his clothing – he has an activated crystal light-body]
David: Not when you see that God is behind heaven as much as he is behind… hell
Beatrix: Well anything in between would be fine with us. [Beatrix is holding Jai-Shimon who is absorbing these teachings]

[Beatrix wants to light a candle]
Beatrix: Clover pass me a candle hun
[she lights a candle with a match]
Beatrix: ahh some light, you look thirsty…. would you like a drink? what is your name?
David: David. OK a cup of water would be nice [she hands it to him]
[David lights the cup of water with a match]
Daryl: What? How did you do that?
David: You try
[Daryl tries with his cup but fails]
David: Try again
[Whilst he tries…]
David: Let the one who says that wax should burn say that water should burn
[Daryl’s cup of water lights up and he is dumbfounded]
Rosalind: Amazing. I was about to give up hope you know.
David: Why should burning wax be any more of a miracle than burning water?
Daryl: Right. I’m so used to burning wax, I kind overlooked burning water there for a second.
David: And regardless, you don’t find all of this a miracle no less [opens arms to the sky and then the whole world]
Beatrix: Ravens, orbs and all… maybe you’re right [smiles]

[As David leaves]
David: Happy travelling. And thanks for having me.
[Just as he exits]
Adrian: No, thank you.
Daryl: Wait, you forgot your water. [As he steps out, David has completely vanished. Clover drops the water.]
Rosalind: Bye Bye
[Beatrix is holding Jai-Shimon and he raises his hand as if to say good-bye to David and that his message was received]