Timeline 5

Belial: Ascend the staircase, and let your souls descend into you. [1]

[some people near the 6 start choking]

Adrian: You know what the problem is of finding opportunity in crisis?
Rosalind: What’s that?
Adrian: That if you don’t find the opportunity, you’re in deep shit!
Daryl: Deep, deep, DEEP shit!

At this point, while Oni and Kip are walking up the staircase, tremors begin. Not large ones. Beatrix is holding Jai-Shimon and he puts his hand out to reach for an olive branch.

Rosalind takes the olive branch and puts it in his hand. Jai-Shimon touches the branch onto a nearby rock and Daryl holds his other hand while looking into Beatrix’s eyes. (note: in Tatz’ book, he states that masters can trigger miracles in the physical world through a small, token, physical action – here Jai-Shimon is using the stick to do this.) At this point Jai-Shimon is either a master in his own right (possibly the messiah,) a reincarnation of a master such as Shimon Bar Yohai or Kind David, or he is just a baby who is having God move through him for the miracle to occur.

Jai-Shimon: Ein od Milvado [these were his first words – Hebrew]

When he touches the rock, Belial starts to lose balance and the staircase begins collapsing. The Burning Bush disappears. Oni and Kip are just about to step into the abyss when the whole structure vanishes – including Oni and Kip. Belial vanishes just before he hits the ground. The tremor, which reaches a crescendo at this point also stops. The sun comes out. As it comes out, 10% of the population turn to dust, 10% turn to light, and 80% regain their consciousness and many start hugging each other.

[as they all look at each other]
Daryl: When all else fails, offer an olive branch.
Adrian: Works for me too.
Beatrix: He said “There is nothing other than him” – astonishing.
Daryl: Actually, not really when you gaze from behind the mask.

The point here is that baseless hatred in the population is eliminated by a descent of higher spiritual-energetic consciousness during the unconscious state. The people on Earth ascend [1] and NOT Oni and Kip – they die. Further changes occur on Earth – resurrected crystal caves, power sources, the planetary brain and new stars: to be expanded later.

The temple mount structures at that point have also vanished, leaving Mount Moriah to be seen in its raw form. The ravens and orbs also vanish.

[1] Ascension is a descension of our spiritual-energetic bodies, which is almost in reverse of what we actually think it means. We are Ascending in consciousness but we actually are descending that divinity into the physical vehicle. (direct quote)