Timeline 6
– at the UN with slideshow

Speaker: I’d just like to welcome everyone to the 1 year anniversary of Crystal Core Activation Day.

Adrian Boron: As you well know, on this day, thanks to The One collaborating with our dear friend Jai-Shimon, the Earth and its inhabitants underwent a profound timeline and density shift. This included the crystal-plasma network that exploded at the end of the Atlantian time cycle being resurrected [start slideshow with above pics.] This has meant that crystal technology is now directed to the surface for energy that is limitless, clean, very inexpensive and sustainable. By using the Scalar field, EMF pollution is fully negated.

Rosalind: The crystal network holds the intelligent instruction and data memory storage for the functioning of the entire planetary brain. This network is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of stellar and crystal consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal Creation code. [direct quote]

Adrian: Overall crystal core activation day has meant a revolutionary transformation in planetary love, communication and wellbeing based on a radical improvement in the functioning of the human brain.

Rosalind: During the Negative Alien invasion 5,500 years ago, the collapse of the magnetic field created DNA scrambling that removed our natural language and ability to communicate with the entire planetary species. This interfered with the sequence of the fire letters to arrange correctly in the original human DNA template, causing loss of species memory and language. In the bible, this is referred to as the time Yahweh deliberately confounded our species language, because humanity was deemed to be sinners and as such, it is called the Tower of Babel Implant. [direct quote]

Adrian: On Crystal Core Activation Day, this implant was removed by The One.

Audience member from back of room: I think he means that’s when they got rid of these [holds up translation headphone]


Rosalind: Yes, nothing short of a miracle across the planet.

Audience member: Not for the translators.

Rosalind: The Babel Implant were glandular system implants that generated malfunctions in the path of the kundalini rising that impact the brain receivers, and the hypothalamus, thalamus, pineal, thyroid, and thymus. When our endocrine system function was impaired, hormonal secretions into our blood changed and this greatly impacted immunity, aging, and prevented higher consciousness communication links from forming in our brain, which blocked out multidimensional perception. [direct quote]

Audience member: What’s the difference between Crystal Core activation day and Civilization Day?

Adrian Boron: There is much crossover. Crystal Core Activation Day has made Civilization day obsolete to a large degree and will greatly surpass it when in about 3 years, a World Ascension Day and the opening of the Third Temple in Jerusalem is planned. This will coincide with a reopening of the stargates and a opening of the Earth to extra-terrestrials. This temple is now being built with Atlantian stone-liquefying technology. Jai-Shimon is currently overseeing its construction with Gerald.

Rosalind: As ascension leaders, “we are not here to leave the planet, per se, and connect only with the celestial management structures. We are here to anchor this higher consciousness, these frequencies and coding and as we are embodied within that, integrate these frequencies into contemporary society. This is what makes this ascension cycle and this process of ascension very different from many other processes of human evolution up until this point.” (direct quote)

Audience member: so overall, what’s the big deal, sounds like you guys are about to mark the second coming of JC?

Boron: Your future is now secured!
Audience member: You’re future is now secured? Wait you must be selling life insurance, right?
Boron: Nah, the premiums won’t be high enough anymore

Rosalind: We’re in contact with people in the crystal caverns. They say that new stars are currently being born to heal fractured souls!
Audience member: New stars for fractured souls… wait you know we’ve already got American Idol for that?
Rosalind: Yeah but when you or your favorite star gets rejected, then what?
Audience: More fracturing
Rosalind: That’s true
Audience: So let’s keep things family friendly, ay?
Rosalind: That’s it! [winks]

This scene is not so much an announcement of a new life, as it is about offering something great and being able to deal with belittling and troll-like responses