Timeline 7 (Ending)

– close to temple that is soon-to-be-completed on day of a solar eclipse.

The 6 are standing close to the temple when almost complete. There are crystal-powered trucks with liquid stone that are finishing an outer wall. Gerald is close by overseeing construction and in a mobile crystallized computer room.

Rosalind: It won’t be long before the eclipse comes
[suddenly Jai-Shimon, now a teenager jumps up]
Jai-Shimon: I think I’ve seen a ghost or something.
[He follows it into the Kidron valley. Where it begins pointing downward]
Jai Shimon: Dad [he calls out Daryl and makes a shoveling motions. [Understanding intuitively, he grabs a stone liquifier and runs down with Beatrix.]
Rosalind: Let’s leave them to it and head to the ridge [she heads up to a ridge with Bonita and Boron]

[On the construction site, there can be Japanese and French people talking and understanding each other as well]

Jai Shimon liquifies an ancient stone monument in the valley to reveal a cavern beneath. The ghost has made a gesture to drill through it.

Jai Shimon: Dad, you gotta light?
Daryl: I didn’t know you smoke?
JS: Please don’t make me start. I meant a torch.
[he has one on his keyring]
Daryl: Who are you smoking out?
Jai Shimon: You mean, what are you smoking out?

[In the light, they peer in and see the tabernacle. Beatrix faints and Daryl catches her. Up on the ridge, Boron, Rosalind and Bonita are watching the eclipse.]

Boron: I think I should go on a trip.
Rosalind: Aren’t you already on one?
Bonita: You shouldn’t do drugs you know
Boron: Nah, I meant something else
[He take off his necklace and is about to hold it up to the eclipse]
Bonita: Are you sure you want to do that?
Boron: Yep, of course, I’m out…
Bonita: Yes, finally … sarcasm Dad

[He holds Rosalind’s hand and peers at the necklace through the sun. He ends up traveling through space and time.]

“Essentially through connection with the Sun Discs on the earth grid, it is possible to travel intergalactic highways of coherent crystalline solar light that allows for consciousness transport to other dimensions.” quote

He travels passed personalities who he has encountered in the previous 4 stories as they lose their emotional grip on him. The final person he sees is Queen Relto who holds out her hand and they travel into the light, destination unknown. They both travel passed the teacher from the cave (the shepherd.) This is a 2001: A Space Odyssey type ending and also a reference to Interstella 5555:

At 1:36 Shep meets Stella in a dream, although in this story, such a scene is not a dream… it is real. Perhaps Boron and Relto should kiss, although Boron is married, so they could hug instead.

Boron: Oh, hello there
Relto: What are you doing here?
Boron: Living the dream
Relto: Or rather, waking up to it!
Boron: [long, pause] Yes, quite! [hug]


At this point, there is a cut back to Earth as the tabernacle is being hauled out of the ground by Gerald and his team.
Beatrix: Wait where are you going?
Daryl: I’m not going anywhere

The track Crimson and Clover should start playing, even a remaster from the Ellen tapes would be great. Credits roll.

Note: The main way the temple can be rebuilt is through the elimination of baseless hatred that already occurred in the story, and as mentioned, 1/10 people vanish (ie die) on Crystal Core Activation Day. This could really be 1/20 and refers to the most hardcore psychopaths (but also the descendants of Amalek who are spread through the population who the Jews are commanded to destroy within the Torah) … these people couldn’t or wouldn’t “ascend back to life” on that day when the world was unconscious due to Adam Belial. Instead they turn to dust. The messiah in this film comprises of Jai Shimon and the 5 other people present at the time he used the olive branch – together they acted as a unit as bound by Adam Kadmon, an entity or dimension who suffused their consciousness during their time in the cave.

“Adam Kadmon accesses the kingdoms of light, the dimensional realms inhabited with benevolent, loving, positive and truthful spirits.” quote

In other sources, Adam Kadmon represents the light before it diffuses into the Sefirot.

Moreover, with the release of the new Atlantian technologies (and a God centered consciousness,) the world is much more convinced that they have a messianical environment at hand and eager (or accepting) to see the temple rebuilt – the Atlantian technology means no metal tools need to be used to build the temple (another temple requirement.) The miraculous clearance of Mount Moriah also shows God’s hand is at work. The ingathering of the exiles can also occur but is not shown.

Also, people understand that health and wealth isn’t everything if wisdom is lacking (the problem with Civilization Day .. evil and hate remained.)

Another way to look at it is that Adam Belial represents the body and Adam Kadmon represents the soul – or rather Kadmon puts Belial in balance. Adam Belial is subjugated and thus the 7 deadly sins of the body are minimized due to increased spiritual growth.

By having Adrian Boron leave Earth just before the Temple reopens, he is mirroring Moses who never entered the promised land.

Having Adrian Boron travel the intergalactic highways alongside Queen Relto as the final shot is to show that he becomes a King, even if only the Queen sees this.

Other ideas not included are:
– showing Zek and the other orb vanishing.
– showing Queen Relto on her planet that is about to be seriously damaged by alien ships but then having those ships completely disappear after the olive branch action. Her civilization switched timelines and densities.

At this point QR could contact the observation ship orbiting Earth:


QR: Is Earth still there?
Gina [officer – English accent]: Barely [trying to look out the window.. Earth is visible]
QR: What do you mean?
Gina: The windows are steaming up in here for some reason [can be making out with one of the crew members – Teddy]
QR: Just stick to the bare essentials of the mission please
Gina: I am, perhaps that’s the problem
QR: What are you doing?
Teddy [officer]: That’d be.. disciplined… reconnaissance… ma’am.
Gina: And probing!
QR: Very good, keep at it. [in a curious way]
Gina: Will do
Teddy: Consider it done
[call ends]
Gina: It is the call of duty, you know.
Teddy: ‘Tis. I do know – even with my shortcomings!
Gina: Don’t you mean long-goings?

– hostile ships around Earth also disappear – mother Gaia timelines adopted (she is seen on poster in prior blog post)
– Earth immune to alien invasion – in particular on World Ascension day – perhaps that’d be a better day for this
– running a sequence at the start of the story where the 2 orbs are caught in the floodwater beneath Earth… that could also come as some type of flashback sequence.
– showing the crystal brain in action or as a diagram in the UN based on the locations of the Sun Disc vortices in Minas Gerais, Brazil; Lake Titicaca, Bolivia; Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland; Giza, Egypt and Uluru, Australia.
– Having Gerald and his wife Lucinda take Boron and Rosalind on a tour through the resurrected Atlantian infrastructure whereby all the instruction manuals were translated into English because a few of his people speak it through being exposed to the modern world.