Important scene insertion: Enabling the Return of the 10 lost tribes of Israel

Overview: Prior to Boron leaving Earth into the astral realms to meet Queen Relto (after Crystal Core activation day,) he meets Gerald and Lucinda in the resurrected crystal caverns. He brings with him the two rabbis from OK2 that initially asked him to ascend the temple mount.

Gerald and Lucinda explain to Adrian and the 2 rabbis how anyone on the planet can use two pieces of flat cut quartz to test for their belonging to any of the original 12 tribes of Israel exiled from the Kingdom of Israel after its conquest by the Neo-Assyrian Empire circa 722 BCE . This astounds the rabbis.

To do this, one piece of quartz must have the name of God (Tetragrammaton) drawn or etched on it:

The other 12 pieces have one name of the 12 tribes etched onto each one separately. When held up, if the person is Jewish (an Israelite,) they glow. Anyone can do this, and flat cut quartz is an extremely common stone throughout the world. The inner crystal caverns calculate through a person’s soul signature as to which tribe they belong. This test also allows people to work out the exact tribe they are from depending on what piece of quartz glows.

Personally, I have heard there could be between 150-300 million Jews today of lost tribe origin… so even leaders of Arab and Muslim nations could be Jewish, not to mention segments of their population.

“The sages of the Talmud place some of these locations in what are now Iraq, Iran and Syria. However, they also maintain that the tribes have intermarried. Thus, their offspring cannot be considered Jewish” source

This simple test could and would radically transform various nations’ relationship with Israel and even makes the perfect case for a greater Israel to form to hold these immigrants. The crystals do all the work of determining soul group.

With this scene insertion, the final clip of the story has the opening of temple on World Ascension day and a shudder of light and gravity through the entire universe. Warring hostilities between various intergalactic entities end as timelines alter, and various sides completely vanish at various battlespaces. At this point, alien races may come to Israel and offer tributes and give gifts, just as various nations presented gifts to Kind David.

Also, on Earth the Sambatyon River can appear and subside whereby an Ashkenazi Jewish tradition speaks of the Lost Tribes as Die Roite Yiddelech, “The little red Jews”, cut off from the rest of Jewry by the legendary river Sambation “whose foaming waters raise high up into the sky a wall of fire and smoke that is impossible to pass through” (source)

Jai Shimon can also be sitting on the throne, with 5 empty chairs behind him.

2nd pic from an Iranian mosque:

Woman: Seems I’m Jewish
Man: Shall we go to Israel?
Woman: Sure, why not?!?

Note, also the issue can arise in Iranian parliament, and lingering anti-semitic rhetoric finally dies.
President: I never did like Israel
Audience member 1: You mean you always hated Israel and the Arrogant Criminals
Audience member 2: But you never knew you were Jewish either [president blushes]
[everyone bursts into laughter]