Ormus King
– special notes on flying
– new story idea

Following the Twurp’s Burps disclosure, (OK1) designs and instructions were released to the public to build ormus detectors and levitators. This coupled with Civilization Day (Jerusalem pyramid + David’s Cube OK2+3) meant quite a radical change to society. 30% of people could and did fly occasionally (5% very often,) but 70% couldn’t or wouldn’t. It was difficult to fly and many people just couldn’t do it. It was a bit like wiggling one’s small toes or moving one’s ears – no matter how hard you try, you just can’t do it.

There was a lot of crime around flying: theft, kidnap, murder and arson became much easier as trespass was simple: just fly over a fence. Also, people became jealous of flyers who had simpler and more efficient lives (and coupled with the fear of crime) “flyer bash squads” formed. Thus it was dangerous to fly. Also, drones could attack you.

Titles could be.. Ormus King (4.5 / 5) :
Freefall: When you fly, you die
Certain Death: Only the grounded survive

…it could focus on a developing nation whose current regime turns murderous (eg Khmer Rouge Killing Fields) and has flyers seek refuge in all ends of the Earth to escape death. This is because some group reverse-engineers the levitator design and finds a way to disable it mid-flight and they can do this via satellite. But once you fly, you are also deemed a target for life. A group of flyers seek to disable these satellites and bring justice to all. The satellites may also be used by governments to obtain taxes from flyers for licenses to use the levitators which would otherwise be disabled. Perhaps the government system gets hijacked by the terrorists.. who can be aliens — that’s the plot twist. There could also be a drama/romance situation between a flyer and non-flyer and show tensions between family members as not all members of a family can fly or want to.

As mentioned, Civilization Day didn’t reduce evil even if it did increase ecological and human health dramatically. Flying did help with search and rescue, but ultimately, I suppose, the flyers may have had to create a breakaway civilization. Alternatively, people may have invented weapons to cripple flyers in mid-flight. Also, flying may have required special licenses like owning a gun and it was heavily and easily regulated.

It would be interesting to create a story simply about the implications of flying in this post Civilization Day world. (OK 4.5)


In OK4, the main dream doesn’t need to have any flying in it at all. The dream is of a pre-Civilization Day world – something audiences will identify with. In OK5, the Rever and Orbs make flying impossible, and when the first orb appears people can start dropping out of the sky. An interesting first scene on Earth would be to have a flyer drop out of the sky as she’s flying into a two-storey house in Beverly Hills.


Alternatively, OK1 can be modified so that in the Twurp’s Burps disclosure, in the last minute the Levitator Device information isn’t released. The data got corrupted somehow, or Twurp deleted it, and the possibility of flying was completely removed from the world (only the ormus detector info was published.)

In another scenario, the whole planet (~95%) of people could start flying and that would be another situation worth exploring.

An Ormus King 7 would involve angels and demons from the bible and be set in an imaginary world. It could show upper worlds responding to events in the Earthly realm and highlight exactly how the righteousness prevails on Earth. This is said to occur anyway with or without a temple due to mitzvot (Torah law.) Ascended Masters and biblical heroes could also be presented.