Chalice of Malice
– character development of homeless man (Frank)

This scene shows Frank (single homeless man) stop on his way back from the soup van to talk to a couple of street performers near the shrine. One is a guy playing djembe to Bob Marley’s War, another is an aboriginal girl dancing to it and selling t-shirts and incense (or anything else.) They are also collecting tips in a hat.

Frank is wearing his Vietnam war bomber jacket. He was a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) helicopter pilot during the Vietnam war. This is part of the reason he sleeps near the shrine.

Jeff: [djembe player]: Hey mon
Frank: Ahh hi again
Lenah: Don’t let ’em bad boys bring you down
Frank: I never did [putting his hands in his jacket pocket – he was never shot down while flying and he is proud of it. Note he is using past tense – he is to be murdered later. He was a hero during the war and saved many injured soldiers.]
[Jeff takes some money out of the hat and throws it to him]
Frank: Cheers for that [He salutes them – see pic above]
Lenah: Dance with me Digger [Lenah starts dancing with Frank]
Frank: Well I could use a nurse right now, I’m always ill
Lenah: Time heals all wounds doesn’t it?
Frank: That’s what they say
Lenah: You just gotta find the right beat, ay
Frank: I’ve never heard them say that
Lenah: They don’t know
[shot of a random helicopter flying overhead]
[Frank points to the helicopter, then to his jacket’s insignia and some medals]


Frank: Number 9 Squadron – I was flying insertions and extractions
Lenah: So we have a hero in our midst?
Frank: How does that saying go “Legends never die and ”
Lenah: “..heroes live forever. ” Is that true?
Frank: We’ll have to wait and see [winks – walking off]

At this point the song “War” by Bob Marley which was playing on their speaker becomes a proper background track as he keeps walking. “War” quotes from one of Haile Selassie’s most famous speeches. The lyric:

“Until the color of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
Me say war”

Can be clearly heard to indicate Lenah and Jeff are solid friends. [can closeup on the eyes]

When the murder of the other couple and the mother takes place, this song keeps playing and there is a cut to Lenah and Jeff jamming in the street in another part of the city – or someone listening to this song on a sidewalk.

Really, wars take place over scarce resources and can easily happen between tribes of the same ethnic group. Any form of difference can be leveraged by a warmonger such as Redd White.

By having music occur over the murders, it likens to the Godfather with murders taking place during an opera:

The real message here is that the war culture pervades everything and anyone can die from it – no one is immune. People think that because they are not in the armed forces, they are free from it – this is not true. People are always fighting over something and there is always collateral damage. The main solution is through good communication and finding common ground. Music is one avenue to do that.