Perfect System (OK2) + Crimson and Clover – dialogue expansion

– this is to prepare the audience for the miracle of the burning bush over Mount Moriah later in OK2, the increased lifespans after OK3 (Civilization Day,) and the miracles in OK5.
–  Michael and Seth were known to each other in the Jewish tradition, with Michael being an archangel and Seth being the child of Adam and Eve (and a forefather of Noah.)

– these two pics were taken directly from the OK2 storyboard (now offline)

Walking back behind some students (Seth and Michael) in the old city:

Seth: Michael, every person I speak to wants the messiah but I don’t think people worldwide are ready to see all the open miracles that would come during this time.
Michael: Right. A third temple and then what, 1000 years of righteousness? As if..
Seth: Well, really it’s not if but when..
Michael: And how….

– new dialogue added. The pair walk into an empty classroom waiting for a teacher to arrive, or the back room of a synagogue to further the discussion (second pic.)

Seth: You know, in the mishnah it says there were 10 standing open miracles during the temple period, the first temple at least.. [** source see below]
Michael: What were they again Seth?
Seth: Ahh, flies weren’t landing on the sacrificed animals — all the blood and guts, a giant abattoir – and no flies anywhere… and another that even on windy days, smoke rose vertically off the altar
Michael: So if all our patriarchs lived for hundreds of years.. was that a miracle too?
Seth: Ha, I should know, Seth lived for 912 years, right? Miracle or not, I can’t say I’m not open to that right now!
Michael: Me too. Think of all the lovely friends we’ll make in that time [slightly elbows him]
Seth: But you’d have to be an absolute freak of nature to live that long today
Michael: More than a freak. You’d be breaking with nature.
Seth: A miracle then. But back then, it was the norm
Michael: So a bit of both perhaps. The real question, is whether there is an actual mechanism in the human body to live that long?
Seth: Well, if there is, it’s dormant. But you gotta have faith Mikey

[at that point that see a stray cat rummaging through a bin, it finds a fish carcass and runs away with it – there are many such cats in Jerusalem]

[“the density of cats in Jerusalem is the highest ever recorded anywhere in the world — about 2,000 cats per square kilometer” – pic source]

Seth: Cause and effect can only take you so far.
Michael: Yep, you gotta dial in to the the real cause [looks up to the sky after  seeing the shadow of a real-life eagle overhead – not like the imaginary one from OK1. It could be an actual Golden Eagle or any listed here]
Seth: The eternal platform …of cause and effect
Michael: Yess, fist-bump [fist-bump]

Note: the pair can walk passed a religious wedding, and see an older pair next to them whilst they are talking. See pics above, taken over 10 years.

[These same two can then be seen near Jai Shimon when he discovers the ark in OK5]

Michael: That’s not archaeology, it’s Arch-angel-ology.
Seth: Believing really is seeing!

** Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb – Rav Desler Nature Miracles Part 1 (26:15)