OK3 – New introduction scene (prior to Velox,) or it could be inserted into OK1 as part of its intro and set the stage for the entire series.

This scene is set in the holy city of Tsfat and is similar to Seth and Michael’s scene. The conversation and setting is important but the characters are not really developed. It follows 2 girls, Rivka (religious) and Sarah (secular) who are on Birthright Israel who walk downhill from the Ha-Ari Askenazi Synagogue to the Ari Mikve that borders on the cemetery (both in Tsfat.) The Mikve is a spring-fed dipping pool that is said to have life-enhancing properties and has been used for hundreds of years. The girls don’t go into the pool building – it is basically reserved for men. The scene also familiarizes the audience with rural northern Israel. Tsfat is nearby to Peki’in where the cave of Shimon Bar Yohai is located (OK5.) That town is on the other side of Mt Meron (3rd last pic.)


[note: these pics were taken almost 15 years ago. The 4th pic shows a view of Lake Tiberias – where the other holy city of Tiveria lies. Other holy cities in Israel are Jerusalem and Hebron]

Sarah: My dad is always talking about finding a cure for ageing, like that should be a thing anyway?
Rivka: Gilgul, reincarnation is to accelerate soul learning
Sarah: So death is cool, right?
Rivka: Well, it’s not this monster bad thing
Sarah: But who thinks like that?
Rivka: For many religious Jews, death is about “cashing in” on your good deeds and making it into Olam Haba
Sarah: Olam Haba?
Rivka: The world-to-come
Sarah: You’d have to do a lot of good to get there
Rivka: A long-life would help…
Sarah: ohh right. The Essenes I read lived around 120 years, imagine that?
Rivka: How?
Sarah: They harvested ormus from the dead sea
Rivka: You have these people that want to cheat death. They only cheat themselves.
Sarah: K. I’ll tell dad
Rivka: More than that, a long-life with no growth in spirituality could see immensely troubled times. You need conscience.
Sarah: And the whole world should lift up together.
[they pass some guys coming out of the pool complex]


Sarah: By the way, I think there is a ton of ormus coming through that spring [points to the pool complex]
Rivka: I learn so much from you [touches Sarah’s shoulder]