Part 1
Straight into protagonist Eve Seles’s dream. She is in the garden of Eden and sees the messianic light behind a snake, along with Eliyahu Hanavi in a chariot. She sees a couple in the garden, Adam and Eve who are close to being perfected (ie resolved of their sin.) The snake represents God when straight (like a staff,) but the evil inclination when coiled. Overall the snake is transformative. It flies over a waterfall but is not injured when it lands on a rock (a miracle.) It is completely straight during its flight with the messianic light following it. Another couple is seen at the end of a dream and represents Eve Seles and her bride to be Jai Shimon (the messiah) who she meets and helps ascend various planes of existence (hidden worlds.) Eve wakes up just as the snake bites her (she is looking at a projection of herself in the dream.)

* new pic notes:
In Eden (pic 1), there are classes and discussions taking place of highly evolved souls. Also, this is a third eye vision, not an imaginary idea – an actual place to be visited later. However, when the snake leaves Eden, the dream becomes that of Earth with the waterfall. Additionally, the snake differs from that of the original serpent. Hence the snake is a dream symbol. Also, the Magen David is shown, but not a default fixture amongst these inhabitants – they have no idol worship, including that of symbols or representations of either themselves or the creator.

(note the pic above is of a male.. for this story it is a female: Eve Seles)

When Eve wakes up, she sees an image on her body of the Tzimtzum that Eve in the garden had on her body (see pic 1.) She looks in the mirror but the tattoo can’t be seen – it is a figment of her imagination.. or rather her third eye is perceiving something residing in a spiritual plane.

Note: part of the tikkun (correction) to bring in the messianic light is freeing female archangels that have been enslaved in spiritual worlds. Eve sees one of these, Lilith, in her dream. These archangels even have physical counterparts: the planets of the solar system.

The reason why all these corrections didn’t occur in Part 5 is that the archangels aren’t inherently evil, so couldn’t be destroyed: they still must be corrected. Also, due to the vast increase in the number of Klal Israel due to the inclusion of all the tribes of Israel, there is still a lack of Torah focus in the world, I suppose that is the final problem to be corrected.


Relevant Quotes:

40:55: “Take the staff in your hand, throw it down it, becomes a snake because the staff represents the power of God.. the snake also exists because of the power of God.. God says pick it up.. it becomes a staff… it can be destroyed because there is no snake, it has no power to exist.”

25:16: “Seeing a beautiful goddess in chains, contained inside this bubble, constantly being tortured, mutilated, brutalized, victimized… disgusting things happen to a goddess.. strapped upon this demonic structure… she was all about light-bringing. Saturnia was demonized by these soul rebellions, they would completely vandalize God’s loving creation.”