Part 2 (with update 1.1)

Lilith (Adam’s first wife according to legend) is about to leave Eden after rejecting Adam, but encounters the Serpent (name: Skrim) on her way out. She encounters the serpent some distance from the tree so that others don’t see them meet, hence photo 2 above is inaccurate – they should meet on top of the hill with the tree still visible in the distance. The serpent consoles her in her anger. He encourages her to return to the tree and take some fruit from the Tree of Life. He sees her as an opportunity in her vulnerability. They leave Eden and he takes her back to his lair. They plant the fruit in his lair.

She starts off as a strong, chaste and beautiful woman. Over time they play games, including mock rituals of bondage “just for fun” to see who is “the strongest.” She is also subject to his charisma. Eventually he entraps and imprisons her. He feeds her with fruit from the Tree of Life that is grown in his lair. Over time he mutilates, tortures, molests, abuses, brutalizes and victimizes her. She doesn’t die due to the fruit she eats. He can even unshackle her but she grows to love him despite this (Stockholm syndrome.) However, he usually keeps her shackled. He mesmerizes her when she tries to go on hunger strike. One day he rapes her in her sleep and she becomes pregnant. As he feeds her, the serpent places his saliva on the fruit. This “serpent slop” is modeled on indigenous Australian communities who can transfer language, dance and knowledge through saliva (a local told me this – the elders spit into cups without telling the young ones – he also told me carcasses of elders are lodged high up in trees and have runoff that can be consumed to obtain that person’s wisdom.) At the same time the serpent obtains her saliva to obtain more human-like qualities so that a future-child is more possible.

She becomes pregnant but has a live stillbirth. The serpent places the fetus in the trunk of the tree before it dies and it stays alive, but does not grow. At this point, the timeframe in the lair has caught up to the end of Part 1 (prior post.) The whole period from Lilith leaving Eden to this point in the lair may be thousands of biblical years ie millions of years.

Back on Earth, a Draco character (Marshall) and his human lover (Brett) meet with a Celtic clan in Ireland. Brett is a member of the clan, and they are/were all under the influence of the Soul Rebellions. More about these Soul Rebellions in the video below (I found it matches very much with Jewish prophecy – hence this story.) Thus, the serpent is the instigator of this rebellion and has been keenly aware of it since its inception. Ironically, he is above the rebellion, but he is the instigator of it as led by God. God ultimately represents the path of Darkness and the Path of Light.

The rebellions are made up of fallen souls who can influence lifeforms through psychic intrusion – they then act as a proxy for them. The Dracos are a victim of the rebellions and they became a highly successful race of domination and conquest as a result. In the video below, it is explained that these rebel souls surround a planet in a fog-like haze to influence its population. Target groups on Earth have included AI and Djinn with survivors then acting as a proxy for the fallen souls whose aim to disconnect all life from God to the point that they think they are God and have mastery of reality.

Previous villains in prior OK episodes could theoretically be under the influence of the soul rebellions and not even know it. Previous planets in OK episodes can be shown with a haze surrounding them (eg Velox, Relto’s planet.) Hence, the soul rebellions are the overarching villainous entity in the universe, as led by the serpent. They are an integral part of creation that unfortunately entails death, pain, misery, suffering, illness, domination and subjugation. This will eventually all cease under the messianic light.

The Celtic clan notice that an ancient stone slab can be moved. They never expected it.

Member 1: This was a portal into the next upper realm and only those switching densities would come through it.
Member 2: And usually people being ejected by the higher light.
Member 1: We don’t remember anyone from Earth ever entering it.
Member 2: Beings have wanted to go home, but couldn’t enter.
Member 1: Then they sought revenge.
Member 2: Just ask the people of Mu or Atlantis …. if you can find them
Member 1: [smirks]

Marshall decides to go through it, and he is given an ancient ball that the Celts have kept, because it has a symbol that Marshall recognizes.

Marshall: This is a rebel sphere. It receives dark light and can transfer it between densities – regardless of portal lockouts.
Brett: You never told me that.
Marshall: It’s a ball of conquest.
Brett: You are my conquest Marshy.
Marshall: No you are mine, but I think I must leave now as the light here is affecting my health.
Brett: I don’t know how much luck you’ll have by going through that [pointing at hole]
Marshall: I might meet some brothers.
Brett: Bye brother

Marshall is upset that his relatives have died that he can’t contact (due to the OK5 correction) and wants to leave Earth – he is also in fear of his life.

Marshall winds up near Eden that he sees in the distance. He ends up in the serpent’s lair that is outside of Eden. Marshall finds the lair due to the ball giving him intuition on the way to go. He also notices a large body being beamed up from the ground that helps him navigate.

OK6 is about the “path of darkness (evil way)” that can happen as a counterpart to the “path of light (God’s way)” of Adrian Boron and his crew.

Skrim (serpent): Who are you?
Marshall: I am your worst enemy
Skrim: Very good, please stay
[Marshall pulls out sphere]
Skrim: A rebel sphere, I know them well, may I?
Marshall: Sure [he hands it to him]
Skrim: You know these are dangerous, they are bidirectional, it will only move dark light if it is more powerful.
Marshall: Yeah it’s entropic, it can easily backfire once activated.
Skrim: You dracos destroyed an entire universe with them
Marshall: I am so proud [sarcastically sheds a tear]
Skrim: So am I… they had it coming to them. Lately, I’ve had a whole universe conquered by AI too. source
Marshall: Wow.
Skrim: Maybe yours is next
Marshall: What? I want to go home.
Skrim: I don’t see that happening, [smiles] the soul rebellions are in ruins now and many races have self-destructed.
Marshall: I’m done with you anyhow and your soul rebellions.
Skrim: Technically I am not part of it. I am just doing my job.
Marshall: Well neither am I, not anymore!
Skrim: Cool, we have something in common.
Marshall: The rebellions, “their whole grudge was that they felt like they had been kicked out of their homes because they felt like they were trying to experiment and create in their own way. But what they were trying to do was trying to feel like they could replace God.”
Skrim: Adam and Eve on steroids, eh? Tell me about it.
Marshall: Yeah, like “they could be the creators, they could be the ones to bring about new creations and do an even better job than God could. That was their arrogance.
Skrim: Dumb bastards! Their loss is my gain, our gain if you like.
Marshall: [looks at Lilith] What were they actually thinking like “‘we can create all these things in this beautiful powerful plane, I bet I can create something better than God can, and guess what, I’ll be better than God.” [source]
Skrim: Who cares? No one can say that they are better than God, God is our parent and source, you cannot be better than that. And we know that, but these soul rebellions say Yes I can, watch me, watch me, watch me idiotic?
Marshall: They took your bait hook line and sinker!
Skrim: Ultimately, yes, and now look at them! If you can find them!
Marshall: And their puppets! I still want to go home and you’re a bastard!

Thus, the soul rebellions are in ruins. Their influence amongst the universe is almost gone and races are gaining independence and a higher awareness of God, whilst learning the truth, eg Marshall directly from its instigator. This loss of power involves the rebel fog lifting around Earth (right pic above.)

Skrim: Stay with me. The fetus in the lair has started growing into a human-like figure amazingly after millennia of stasis.
Marshall: OK mate, you’re the boss. [feeling his charisma]
Skrim: You’ll get your strength back, I promise.
Marshall: Strength for Brett.

In the lair, there are various pictures on the walls.

Marshall: I see your intentions [peering at second pic above]
Skrim: In a few months, be good and go with the baby back to Earth. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

The fetus grows very quickly and is fed the “Serpent Slop” and “Lilith Slop.”

Marshall shows the serpent and his child Buckley (from term Buckley’s chance) the portal he came through. It is actually the route to which the original soul rebellions were expelled from Eden, beyond just Adam and Eve.

Buckley: So you reckon this’ll take me to Earth! Damn, we can’t even get into Eden.
Skrim: Oh, just you wait Bucks!
Marshall: This portal has been altered and reborn, just like you Buckley! [Buckley chuckles]
Skrim: See you again Buckley, my son, and remember God is Good!
Marshall: I’m coming with you. Let’s go meet Brett!

[The two split the ball in half (it was designed that way) and the serpent keeps one hemisphere – Buckley the other. They walk through the portal. Lilith is there waving, emulating Skrim.]

It is interesting to note that this group is keenly aware of the path of light and dark. They willingly cooperate with the dark, but are not locked into the dark forces and just use it to gain power. Yet in the back of their minds, they know that the path of light is the superior way (perhaps) – it is just much harder: at least for them. Also, Marshall has been deeply conditioned by the psychic intrusions of the soul rebellions even if they are almost all dead and he’s been hollowed out and is feeling confused, greedy, hopeless and homeless.

At this point, there is a scene skip to Adrian Boron and Queen Relto on another planet (following from OK5.) There is the urge for them to populate this new world that is lush and joyous but Boron feels he must return to his wife.

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