Part 3 (version 1.0)

Buckley and Marshall find Brett back on Earth and have a discussion about the sphere.

Marshall: We’ll need to get these into the temple. How?
Buckley: Actually the Holy of Holies my dad told me.
Brett: It’s all guarded. Even to fly a drone in. But you know, my dad is a carpenter. I can grab his tools. [note the advancement of tools through Atlantean tech by this date – materials can be easily vapourized]
Buckley: So what?
Brett: Just need to find where the temple cherubim are. I was reading about them, they are made of wood with gold overlays. I could insert them in less than 10 minutes.

“These Cherubim were made of olive wood and overlaid with gold. Their height was fifteen feet, and their wing span measured the same. Their inner wings touched each other while their outer wings reached the two opposite walls of the Holy of Holies in which they stood: the total span of the two pairs of wings was a massive thirty feet stretching across the entire width of the Holy of Holies.” source

Buckley: Coooool!
Marshall: Let me call the Temple construction managers… Hi, I was reading about the Cherubim and want to support whoever is building them and have some stuff made by them… I read they are made of olive wood with a gold overlay. They must be fantastic, I can’t wait to see and feel their kedushah [holiness.] I am an interior designer.. I don’t suppose you know who’s working on them right now?
Phone operator: They’re being made by Cohen and Sons at their workshop in Haifa.
Marshall: Oh great, thanks, I thought you were going to say they are being made in shamayim. [heaven]
Phone operator: That’s a given. Baruch Hashem. [blessed be the name of the Lord]
Marshall: Baruch Hashem.
Phone operator: Tell them I sent you, my name is Ahoova.
Marshall: K. Seeya.

The three end up at the workshop and drop in through the roof [pic 1.] It is in an industrial area and they can sneak up some stares to the roof, or else drop down from another building, if necessary, after scoping it out. Marshall keeps watch on the roof. He is also strong and can pull them up with the rope later. He keeps watch as the Cohen team are in a meeting. Other people could fly down with a levitator, but the two don’t have the superconductivity in their body nor the equipment to do it. Flying uses up a lot of ormus in the body.

Marshall creates a hole in one of the cherubs, glues in the rebel sphere, then fills it up with some expandable foam. He then gold sprays the outside. He can use a small brush to sweep any sawdust into a corner (the floor is already dirty anyway) or else lay down a groundsheet. They end up leaving through the roof just as the Cohen brothers enter with the Temple construction managers to see the cherubim [see pic 1 below.]

Omri Cohen: So the truck is coming on Tuesday.
Guy Cohen: Yep for the Beis Hamikdash [temple] opening ceremony on Sunday.

[Those cherubs in the warehouse end up next to the ark of the covenant – see top pic 2]

Omri: Do you smell that paint?
Guy: No, ahh wait, yeah that’s funny
Omri: It’s beyond me [raising an eyebrow]
Anat [female worker]: Let me open a window

[shot to three outside walking away from factory]

Marshall: What do we do now?
Buckley: Sit back and wait basically
Brett: I’m so roped in
Marshall: …and loving it.
Brett: So why exactly does Skrim want it in the Holy of Holies? [see diagram pic above]
Buckley: It’s a secret
Brett: Is it?
Buckley: Everything was at one point [smirks… Brett glares over] we want to reach the spiritual leaders before anyone else
Brett: Why’s that?
Buckley: More power to us… and all will be revealed in good time
Marshall: We’re here for a good time, not a long time [winks at Brett].. I should hope

“The blessing that rested upon the house of Oved-Edom when the Ark rested therein, in contrast to what had happened to Uzza, proved that it was not the Ark that was at fault, but rather the attitude towards the presence of the Shekhina. The ramifications of the nearness of God depend upon man’s conduct, and do not follow from any inherent quality in the object itself. This was already noted by Midrash Tanchuma” source

“Rav Muna said, “Whoever speaks evil speech [causes] the Shekhina to be removed from below to up above.”

“We have already noted previously that David formulates his request to build the Temple as a request to build a permanent house for the Ark, because from his perspective, the primary function of the Temple is causing the Shekhina to rest in the Ark” source

Brett: So it’s not about the ark, but the people around it? I don’t expect the shekinah [divine presence] to ever come through then [see quotes above]
Buckley: So not a bad bit of collateral damage right there! [all snicker]
Buckley: We hangout on the Mount of Olives [see pics above] and then I’mma activate the sphere from afar when they bring in the ark for the opening ceremony [he pulls out a remote control device that he’ll press when they use binoculars at the ceremony]
Brett: And then back through the portal at that point, eh?
Marshall: Let’s stay here Brett [rapidly under breath]
Buckley: Why miss out on the party? I’ll make at that point, shall we say, my surprise appearance!
Marshall: And not soon enough!
Brett: Bucks dude, you’re such a rebel
Buckley: More human than human too
Brett: Funny I should be the one with impostor syndrome
Buckley: That’s too bad, with me I’m just an impostor without the syndrome! So much easier!

pics (cherubim 8:19)