Part 4 (version 1.2 – ending description below cave pics at bottom)

Toulouse, France. Eve is about to go to sleep.
Eve: I so want to be in Jerusalem next week for the opening of the temple
Dad: I’m sure you do. Mum and I have been discussing it, and we’ve bought you a ticket. How’s that for you Evy?!
Eve: [delighted] I knew you’d come around! I was ready to buy a ticket myself anyway
Dad: You can’t hold back time, can you!
Eve: It’s the start of the great divinization of the planet- it’s so exciting [she is reading Kundalini – The Evolutionary Energy in Man] and then to enter the 4th density.
Dad: OK, that’s one way of looking at it, I guess. I actually don’t think we’re at that point yet, but we’re close.
Eve: Close enough to watch on television though.
Dad: Yeah, you’ll have immense trouble even getting near the temple. 600,000 souls is the goal, eh? [see quote below]
Eve: Eventually, free ormus would help.
Dad: Hey, let’s talk later. I’m really tired. Do you mind?
Eve: Yeah, so am I for some reason.

Rather,the Shekhina did not fully rest in it, as in the first Temple, because six hundred thousand people were not there, only forty thousand having come up from Bavel. quote

The Maharal of Prague explains that since he departed this world without dying, he is able to reappear in later generations -— this is because his mission transcends the barriers of time. Stationed in Gan Eden, which means the garden of time, or timelessness, he can journey through different eras in history with access to all times. His immortality suggests that his mission, as well as ours, has not yet been fulfilled.

Before the coming of Mashiach, with the restoration of prophecy, Eliyahu will appear again to help the Jews return to Hashem.


Eve’s first dream here resembles the Evolution Revolution essay dream but instead of of meeting Steven Spielberg at the top of a mountain, she should meet Elijah the Prophet (see above) who is the same person she saw in her initial dream in Part 1. She will also meet Elijah one more time again with Jai Shimon when they ride in his chariot together to Eden to escape an oncoming army. The two do engage in conversation, but the audience doesn’t have to hear what is being said, although they do hear his line “God is sensed by the brain and becomes apparent to those willing” to which she replies “So have you realized God?” She then wakes up (exactly as with the essay.)

It is important to note that during encounters in upper worlds, eg Yetzirah, a vast amount of highly personalized information can be transferred in a single meeting (see below.) This could be represented by a light transference than actual words.

So the Ari (Isaac Luria) told him something remarkable: if I had 80 years to write down the material that I heard from Rab Shimon (Bar Yohai), I still couldn’t finish it. That’s how much Rab Shimon said in however brief time that he was sleeping or in a trance.

source (8:51)

In both Part 1’s dream and this one, the camera is freer to move around than to stay in first-person view – this is because this dream is more an astral-travel/trance-like experience, not a standard dream.

It is important to note that Eve’s family is not religious and her family have been identifying as Christian. It was only due to the aaliyah crystals from OK5 that she connects with the tribe of Reuben (audio interview.)

The following day she is at a park alone. She sees a book of someone near her (as with the essay: Cosmic Serpent – note there is no real necessity to use this book (I found it a difficult read) but perhaps it could bring awareness to Amazon’s gang interference)
Eve: Hey dude, is that your book, what’s it like?
Richard: Oh hey, yeah, it’s fascinating. About some guy’s shamanic journey. An old book from 1998. I got it for free.
Eve: I wonder if the author took drugs, you don’t do you?
Rachel: Nah, not yet anyway.
Richard: Nice one Rache. The main premise is that hallucinogenic drugs used by shamans in the Amazon give them access to medicinal information coded in DNA. But yeah, I’ve only just started it, wanna squiz?
Eve: Yeah sure [she starts reading and looking at the diagrams of the serpents] Gee, it talks about the integration of opposing serpents in the brain, right up my alley. Thanks. I’m Eve by the way, I gotta run. I got hit with fatigue.
Richard: Better go find Adam.

Back at home she falls asleep into her second dream of her brain evolving (3rd pic above – also in essay.)

There is a cut to her parents (Steve and Margaret) outside.
Father: She’s always sleeping.
Mother: Did she tell you about that symbol on her back [weird look] after meeting a guy in a dream.
Father: Better for her to be in Jerusalem than a psyche ward, if there’s any difference anyhow.
Mother: It’s fine. She’ll work it out. She always does.
Father: We are from the tribe of Reuben apparently and she may never come back.
Mother: “Come Back” depends on where you’re standing and we’re you’ve been. And even that is highly subjective.
Father: I sort of know what you mean. It’s all too hard for me.

Jerusalem: the day marks the opening of the Beis Hamikdash (temple) and placing the Aron Habrit (ark) in the Kodesh HaKodashim (holy-of-holies.)

It is the first time it opens to the public, although Jai Shimon is not as yet anointed King. No one is quite sure exactly how and when the messianic age will come but people feel they are close (they are) and people are hungry for a spiritual experience from God. This day is not for anointing Moshia Ben David (Messiah Son of David) although the Prime Minister will be there with the Scepter of Judah to show Jai Shimon and everyone for the first time. At this point Israel’s vast treasures have been collected, for example those listed in the copper scrolls in Qumran. The ceremony is being broadcast around the world. Israel is at peace with her neighbors and many millions from around the world have returned to the Eretz Israel (or are planning on it) due to the aliyah crystals (OK5.)

The exact geopolitical and border situation is unknown, but vastly different from what is seen today. Perhaps surrounding countries allow duel citizenship with Israel. The main sin of Klal Israel at this point is that due to the many “new Jews” or increase in “Klal Israel” (with Judah being just one tribe,) that many take this event and their status for granted and are greedy for a spiritual experience without doing anything for it – the bread of shame. People aren’t really focused on torah. However, there is music playing and everyone is really happy.

Marshall, Brett and Buckley are viewing from the Mount of Olives.

They have erected a temporary tent (not shown above) so people don’t see the creatures that they are.

Wife: Look people camped overnight for today.
Husband: They can’t even light a fire!
Wife: Oh what an emergency! [sarcastically]

As soon as Buckley sees the ark in the holy-of-holies (with binoculars) he pushes the remote control.

When he pushes the button, Skrim hears a sound from the half-sphere and places it in a fire that is already burning wood from the tree-of-life. He only needs a few twigs in it, as the main fire uses normal wood – with only a few twigs from the tree needed to generate the dark energy required to fully initiate people’s Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) so that it completely overpowers them to the point they have no freewill and behave like animals (or worse.) This spiritual pollution (zoyoma) is that which keeps humans physical and blocks the Or Moshia (messianic light.) [see below]

Paraphrasing: Adam ate from the tree (of knowledge) thinking he could eat and then exist independent of god. Instead he created a satan for himself. Satan has a lot of power to control the human, physical body and give a person thoughts and drives in terms of asserting himself. The power structure he uses is zoyoma – pollution and contamination. The satan is connected to the physical world and once Adam ate he became physical (prior to this he was in the world of Yetzirah). Adam who is now physical is then subject to force that controls the physical world – satan, which projects power into this world. The goal of zoyoma is destruction and decomposition. Thus Adam will die under the influence of satan in the physical.

The job of Adam before this was basically to bring down kedusha (holiness) to show that only he (God) exists – to reveal the concealed light. After his sin, Adam’s second job was to destroy satan and to remove evil.

The concept of evil is that there are many beings besides God. Now Adam must remove that evil, and then he can bring the full presence of God back. The satan with its zoyoma is a blockage, it blocks the ability for God to fully reenter creation because there is a force that opposes him – the zoyoma. Satan exists because it needs nourishment from kedusha (sparks of holiness.) Since the job of Adam became to destroy the satan, at that point, the power source of satan switched from existing independently to stealing the holiness from him through getting him to continually sin through the zoyoma – thus giving satan more power that would otherwise goto Adam (ie, the light of the Sefirahs.)

It’s a competition at that point as to who exists, if man takes that power (through connecting with God and doing his will), mankind flourishes. If satan takes that power by having man sin, satan flourishes. If satan takes all the power then mankind ceases and vice versa.

source (10:54)

At this point, Eve Seles is on the phone talking to her mother, and her mother stops talking mid-sentence – in fact the whole world ceases. Will has disappeared. People stop thinking and moving.
Eve: Hello mum, are you there?
[everyone around her is quiet too]
Eve: Hello anyone?

JS is in the holy-of-holies and senses something. The priests cease moving to place the ark on the altar that is prepared for it.

JS: May Elohim give me a sign.

The Holy One, blessed be He, said to him: Uzza, [the ark] carried its bearers; must it not all the more [be able to carry] itself!


The ark which usually carries the bearers (see above) becomes all of a sudden very heavy and the Levites must place it on the ground. Outside, the eternal flame of the temple also extinguishes.

The Levites turn to the tainted cherub and stare at it in awe. During this time a dark cloud of energy emanates in the room. It is not seen to the naked eye as the Rever is in OK5. It is the spiritual projection of zoyoma. For storytelling purposes it can be shown very lightly.

JS: So are we continuing?
Levite 1: [he’s thinking “I couldn’t even if I tried” but can’t speak]

JS turns around and leaves. Others in the temple don’t acknowledge him and are staring at the hijacked cherub behind the wall. That is the direction of their attraction, even though they can’t see it.

At this point, Marshall and Brett are also staring at the cherub in silence. As with JS, Buckley still has his will intact and walks down to the temple leaving behind Marshall and Brett. The music in the temple has stopped playing however – it actually stopped as the Levites entered the temple with the ark as a show of respect.

Buckley and JS walk passed each other:
JS: This isn’t surprising.
Buckley: I thought you’d find it too good to be true. Now what a disaster eh?
JS: That remains to be seen.
Buckley: Watch your step!
[He keeps walking and Buckley trips him up. He falls but grabs onto a guard rail]
Buckley: You can’t win. I’m doing God’s work too.
JS: But is it sustainable?
Buckley: Ask my father, he’ll tell you it is
JS: You’re father’s job is almost over.
Buckley: It’s okay, I’m new Justice of the Peace around here and I think you’re getting in the way
JS: Justice of the Piss more like it!
Buckley: Fine have it your way then. Like you know anyway.
JS: Nobody would do evil if they knew all of reality.
Buckley: The whole thing is a setup, you gotta just rise above it. Be proud of who you are! There’s no shame, the enemy is shame not pride.
[the two keep walking their separate ways]
JS: And you are the only thing in the way of Eretz Israel (land of Israel) being reborn!
Buckley: You are the only thing in the way of Eretz Israel ceasing!
JS: Finally some truth, thank you.

Buckley keeps walking to the temple.

Everyone is facing the cherub, even the musicians and they don’t see Buckley properly. Typically Buckley being a green creature would evoke too much reaction to uncloak himself in public. He enters the holy-of-holies to meet the Levites inside.

JS (to Levites): You’ve suffered enough, it’s time to take back and own who you are as emissaries of God.

They follow him back outside acting like automatons.

Cohen Gadol: [to the world] The Dark Age is over. Let us give a warm welcome to Moshia (Messiah) Ben David!
Buckley: Hello there, please don’t mind me! Enjoy yourself.

The whole world unlocks and goes into a giant cheer and applause.

The Prime Minister of Israel is also standing nearby. The Prime Minister takes the Scepter of Judah from its case to show Buckley. Buckley places his hands above his head in a triangle sign. The Prime Minister who is also on stage puts the Scepter of Judah on the ground and copies him.

Buckley [to the PM]: Whoever said pride is the greatest and deadliest sin was wrong. Pride eventually leads to the birth of the soul.
PM: I know.
Buckley: Word! [fist bump – but he dodges it and points to him amusingly]

He picks up the scepter and the applause which died down erupts again even larger. If the day had gone to plan, the Scepter shouldn’t have actually been handed to JS – that comes with the anointing of oil. It was more for exhibition.

Back on stage, Beatrix, Daryl, Adrian and Rosalind have also been put under Buckley’s unshakeable influence. Their status has been completely lost to the public even though they are on stage too.

Buckley continues with crazy movements after putting the scepter down. He doesn’t need to hold it to rule over people. It is Buckley’s consciousness combined with the energy emanating from the hijacked cherub (as placed in the holy-of-holies next to the ark) which gives him power. This is combined with the controlled burning of the tree-of-life twigs (the tree has also been usurped by Skrim), and lastly having Skrim still remaining alive in the cave and his influence also coming through the sphere. All those things give Buckley that power. Take one away and it decreases.

Buckley then pinches the buttcheek of a woman. The whole world follows.

There is a shot of many galaxies and the same haze seen near the ark pervades the universe. There could also be a shot of the Oumuamua interstellar object (right pic above,) which is to be destroyed by its alien explorer party who prior to this were just researching it, just as an example of how the whole universe is affected (black comedy.)

At this point JS meets Eve who has retained her freewill.

Eve: Hello there, do you know where the exit is?
JS: I know, there’s no clear marking, not entirely unexpected?
Eve: What exactly are you looking for?
JS: I am looking for the nearest place to access trance-port.
Eve: As opposed to like trans-port?
JS: That’s it!
Eve: I think I can help?
JS: You can?
Eve: [shows the spiritual tattoo on her back]
JS: Aren’t you going to say ‘Come with me if you want to live’
Eve: Consider it done [both laugh and walk off together]

Outside Buckley has taken one of the cherub’s (the untainted one) and there is a giant progression through the streets of Jerusalem. People are filming and cheering. At this point people are behaving more independently. The world starts functioning again, but people are preoccupied with the cherub and Buckley, and basically doing evil whenever freewill comes into their life, if ever, which is a very serious situation. It’s a gradual descent into Hell.

Meanwhile, JS and Eve make it up to Elijah’s cave, ready to meditate. They will tranceport to a 4th density mountain, where JS will teach Eve about the intelligence dimension (which Jesus accessed) and they will call an angel’s army to respond to a demonic army who are attacking them (the story’s proper war scene.) Elijah will then come on his chariot to take them to  Gan Eden (garden-of-eden) to stop Skrim from burning both trees in the garden. This will be done with the inducement of rain from the intelligence dimension from the chariot. Lilith will kill Skrim (in an Obi Wan/Anakin type showdown) and then go to Earth to be fully transformed (tranceport doesn’t allow proper physical access for JS and Eve in Eden.) The Levites will place the ark on the altar and that will neutralize the sphere, while killing or disabling Buckley. The messianic age begins with various interesting scenes not mentioned.

However, on the way there, the pair should observe Jerusalem as a crystal-based society (see snippet below as a description). In fact, the whole world has moved in this direction due to the release of the Atlantean technology (and its crystal caves) since the end of OK5. On the way to Elijah’s cave, people can be seen vandalizing these structures, especially crystal powerplants and gangs can roam the streets in a Clockwork Orange type situation. Covert aggression becomes unleashed into overt aggression and blind-rage. People can also be cowering in their fear as they are attacked, with no one helping. The police themselves should be part of these gangs and be entering people’s homes to do this.

Also worth noting is Boron’s ability to travel to other parts of the universe (see paragraph 2 below.)

(from 7:14) We were a society that was very much solitary, and that our planet, very much an earth-like planet, just like yours, but held much more of a crystalline technology which means that much of our dwellings, that much of our power sources were all completely comprised of crystalline nature and so that we existed in what you would know as crystalline domiciles and crystalline in that sense of energy centers that power the entire planet. The idea of the inner core of our planet that was therefore siphoning energy and connecting itself through all of the crystals that existed upon our planet, so it is very much earth-like.

(13:04) As long as that star exists (Sirius A), you will be able to connect with us because that consciousness that we ourselves have connected to has always been there. It does not focus on the idea of linear space and time, it connects to the idea of you being stellar consciousness, star consciousness and therefore all that represents the universe is in an easy aspect form of connection that you will be able to connect to. All aspects of the universe are within our intelligence and can so also be with yours.


Back to the holy-of-holies, the Aron Habrit (ark) ark can be seen not sitting on its designated altar, and one of the cherubs is missing. The eternal flame outside has extinguished (as mentioned, just when the sphere was activated.)