Part 5 (1.2) – Gog and Magog reference

An actual pyramid-shaped mountain near Cairns, FNQ, Walsh’s Pyramid. Its granite core is what reamins after its surface layer eroded away.

Note: this war is the war of “Gog and Magog.” See below:

2:45 – it’s what the Christians call armageddon. The war that will end all wars, and herald in the Messianic era. Will be absolutely terrible.

It is how JS will refer to it below. Note, at this point, the MacGuffin is Jai Shimon’s consciousness, which is lit by Or Moshiach (messianic light.) The main difference between Olam Hazeh (this world) and Y’mos HaMoshiach (The Era of Moshiach) is that people will have a third-eye open to view a previously unseen dimension in the world as if people can view the electricity powering their electronic devices. It’s a sixth sense. The bulk of people will only see a fraction of this world in its infinite levels, but this will expand in the 1000 years of this era, to the point when it engulfs the world and Olam Haba (World that is coming) becomes real. People can also view their own souls.

[JS and Eve find themselves on top of a pyramid shaped mountain in an angelic world – the fourth density. Their bodies are still in the cave meditating, but they are walking around on the summit of the pyramid]

Eve: Where are we?
JS: I’m not sure, the 4th density perhaps.
[Eve points to a dying flower]
Eve: For it to die here is unusual
JS: Say again
[JS places hand near it – it comes back to life due to his pure intention]
Eve: oh my god, I’ve finally met …
JS: …Jai Shimon, accessing the Wisdom Realm
Eve: Where’s that?
JS: “You go into the Wisdom Realm when you follow the creator’s path.” [1]
Eve: What is it exactly?
JS: “It’s the perfect blueprint of all life which means that those who are extremely adept in this realm can actually create life.”
Eve: Satan is here?
JS: Satan is only an aspect of god
Eve: Not completely useless either
JS: Once you work out of the wisdom realm, satan doesn’t exist, and thus freewill doesn’t either
Eve: Sounds rather boring doesn’t it
JS: There are choices, but Hakadosh Baruch Hu (God) takes them for you, and you let him because you can see they’re the right ones.
Eve: Better than an Uber then
JS: I sometimes say Ein Od Milvado (There is nothing but Him)
Eve: Whatever, I surrender.
JS: Surrender ayy. Now you’re onto something.

[hears a sound and sees an army of demons approaching]

JS: You know I said we’re in the 4th density.  Can I correct myself?
Eve: Why?
JS: This is the land of Magog
Eve: How do you know?
JS:  King Gog is coming [right pic at top (source) points to the army ahead]
Eve: And what does that mean for us?
JS: A window seat for Armageddon
Eve: Not for me, Arm-a-geddon out of here
JS: You’re missing the point

[they start firing their weapons at them]

[An army of angels come from the other direction and there is a full scale war. The demons win (King Gog) and end up surrounding the pair as happens further on. There is time for more dialogue as this happens, and also further cuts to Eden, Earth or Oumuamua as this war takes place around this pyramid. The demons could come mainly by ground and climb the mountain, and the angels by air to stop them.]

Right at the end of the war, when Gog has won and has surrounded them, JS places his hand on his temple to call Eliyahu Hanavi through telepathy.

JS: So yeah, I mean when confronted with the fact that only God exists, you know what you do
Eve: [thinks for a moment] You surrender
JS: That’s right, you surrender
Eve: … ahh you can have this one [Gog’s army is surrounding them]

[They are not shooting to kill, but only to scare. JS receives an arrow to his forearm. This is to represent the death of Moschiach ben Yosef who is to be replaced by Moschiach ben David. At this point, he has the power to destroy King Gog and his army.]

JS: A part of me has just died [He pulls out the arrow, but there is no blood]
Eve: There’s no blood
JS: Moschiach ben Yosef has gone, that’s all

[the demons surround them at the summit of the mountain pyramid]
Gog: [loudly to couple] zero prisoners taken
Eve: zero fucks given
Gog: [raises hands to execution squad, makes eye contact with JS]
JS: I surrender [both arms raised and drops head]
[lightning bolt comes from JS’s body and vapourizes the entire army]

[He’s actually joining with that army of fallen souls, of beings believing they exist independently of God after being pushed down from higher realms. JS is surrendering to God whilst in a relationship to them. He’s doing what they should’ve done previously. He’s not surrendering to them, he’s surrendering to God with them. Alternatively, he can simply be surrendering to God and completely ignoring them. God then balances the equation and fills the environment with an equal presence to JS’s aura, to whom the army are directing their hate and disgust – they hate anything that represents enlightenment. Something has to give. He’s not performing a miracle here, although he could’ve got rid of them that way too.]

Eve: They should’ve lightened up

[Eve hugs JS]

JS: To create heaven on Earth is to bring perfection to it using these wisdom realm blueprints. You have now been given the keys.
[she looks at him]

Eve: What about David’s cube though [OK3] not enough?
JS: That conduit was destroyed in the Adam Belial tikkun (correction). The information is now available directly to those that seek it.

At this point Eliyahu Hanavi comes down in his chariot

EH: Ben David, love your work [looking around, and EH refers to him by his new name, Ben David]
Eve: Eliyahu Hanavi!
JS: Ell man, love your work too, thanks for coming. [JS actually called him as mentioned above]
Eve: The dream guy!
EH: In Eden, there’s trouble afoot. Serious trouble.
Eve: Eden too ayy?
JS: Then let’s go back, back to Eden

[they get on board ]

[fly off]

[1] 10:20
[2] 31:27

relevant quotes:

(42:45) That force of evil will join with the kedusha (holiness) and that will end the world itself and the other 3 klippahs will be destroyed. Those three forces of evil are destroyed utterly, that’s what happens in the messianic era and Noyga (4th force of evil) converts into good and as a result of that, it is now part of the kedusha and so on.

(45:00) You are looking at a person with the Shechina (divine presence) on him… (46:05) What is the redemption? It is the redemption from ignorance. The redemption (geula) is actually where we know all of reality. The reason why people act the way they do is because they are ignorant of reality. (47:00) In the time of Moshia Ben David, there is no freewill anymore. There are many reasons, but the basic reason is that there is no more satan. He has been destroyed or converted, whatever the view is. Without the satan, there’s no options anymore, what’s the freewill because nobody’s going to sin.

(29:25) The third density earth may also be going through a purification as well to which means the third density earth may actually have some very loving benevolent energies flowing through it as well too but still in this dense realm and people that are moving up into fourth density will have a more beautiful Earth, an Earth that is just dreamlike, that is almost like if you were to actually step inside fairyland, which I’ve been, it’s gorgeous and fourth density earth is like that, it’s like going into the fairy realms, it’s like going into the Fae realms. And start seeing living things, beautiful things, nature that’s so abundant and so beautiful, I mean we don’t know what to expect with the fourth density earth, but from the third density earth perspective (30:06) it may actually start to be polished out, but it’s hard to say where humanity goes because they need to start fresh, they need to start anew after the 3 days of darkness happen.