Part 6 (1.1 – new dialogue)

1) Lilith goes out for her daily stroll while Skrim watches the rebel fire.

2) She notices the cherubs that usually guard the east side of Eden are gone. She goes back to get Skrim who has never seen it like that. They decide to go and investigate, whilst taking the half-sphere in a pot with some smoking coals inside. They also take some extra tree-of-life branches.

3) Eliyahu Hanavi (EH) arrives in the chariot with JS and Eve. (EH decided to leave to get Eve and JS sometime earlier) EH shows them the problem of collapsed cherubs and sword in the east of Eden.

“[God] drove out the human being, and stationed the cherubs at the east of the Garden Eden, along with the fire of the ever-turning sword, to guard the path to the tree of life” (Genesis 3:24) source

They decide to guard the tree themselves.

4) Skrim sees them near the garden and lights a fire. (it is very dry)

5) The trio see the smoke from the forest fire Skrim makes, so they go and investigate.

6) The Garden of Eden is considered to exist in the world of Yetsirah and various great sages are said to inhabit it, including Shimon Bar Yohai. In the messianic age the garden is said to empty out back to Earth. This group and others watch the garden, they don’t even know about Skrim who lives outside the garden.

7) The pair make it into the garden and notice the usual study group deep in meditation, oblivious to the smoke and to them. They are sensing the events on Earth and are trying to assist in correcting it. They are far away from the two trees.

8) The pair are about to steal branches and fruit from the tree-of-knowledge but Skrim instead lights both trees on fire. He wants to end all of creation. He believes this will do it, and he might be right.

9) He lights the leaves, it is dry and both trees get lit.

[Skrim lights small twigs from the smouldering pot and throws it onto the ground and starts a larger fire. Then he places branches on it in order to light up the tree-of-life and tree-of-knowledge with those branches, which are very dried out. The whole environment is.]

Lilith: I wanna go. I thought we were here to simply get a cutting. [looks at tree-of-knowledge] What in the hell are you doing Skrim?
Skrim: We’re in Heaven, not Hell. Please Go. I’m Skrim, and I’m no toolbag anymore, even if you are.
Lilith: Excuse me?
Skrim: All my life, that little voice in my head has been master at shutting down, and reversing the voices in the other heads I meet and introducing them to the death voice, and having them fall in love with it.
Lilith: How do you know?
Skrim: I feel the dark side pulse through me in every moment, it started with that bitch Eve, and her pots partner, Adam. That little voice in me, it told me what to do and how to do it, and I did it. Today’s gonna be different. I’m the ultimate hypocrite no more.
Lilith: So what’s the voice telling you today? Take out the foundations of creation?
Skrim: Today, I’m eating my own dogfood. I’m shutting down the voice in my own head. I can’t bear the hypocrisy no more.
[it’s getting hot, and he’s lighting the other tree with burning branches. There is a dried vine wound around the trunk that is easily flammable.]
Lilith: I thought you were a tree hugger.
Skrim: Evil is simply for beings to believe that they exist separately to God or whatever you want to call him/her/or whatnot.. and by the way I’m simplifying this because I know how thick you are between the ears…. Let’s be honest here: you are [winks.] So I know all about Hashem, and I refuse to be his wretched mouthpiece anymore. He’s running the scam ultimately, not me. And I’m sick of it. This toolbag is done.
Lilith: And this is your answer to it? To kill yourself? You’re pathetic.
Skrim: Everything, everyone, everywhere. You included sweetheart. (coughs) That wretched little voice, it’s gotta go honey, it’s gotta go. The illusion I’ve created helps no one. And it’s dogfood day. I’m eating my own dogfood, and it tastes great.
Lilith: Because you’re man’s best friend… who has finally snapped..
Skrim: …or seen the light.
Lilith: I always thought you were a train wreck waiting to happen.
Skrim: We all go down with the ship.. look around.. the ship’s sinking.. don’t you love it?
Lilith: Certainly not me, you bastard, and what about Buckley?
[he starts to burn his tail, and slithers up the tree which is also burning. He’s grabbing branches and throwing them at Lilith.]
Lilith: ’til death do us part, alright.
Skrim: Imma finish the job. Imma finish what I started as God’s toolbag.
Lilith: I love you so much bad boy.
Skrim: Anyway, I’m sick of this conversation.
Lilith: You’ve only got yourself to blame.
[He falls down and lies there in a ball of flames.]
Skrim: My recurring dream has been to go out in a ball of flames! My dream has finally come true! And the nightmare is over! Why delay the inevitable? Let’s get the ball rolling honey.
Lilith: Good God.
[she take many steps back as burning branches fall down from the tree-of-life and tree-of-knowledge]
Skrim: Fuck You God [groaning]

– – – mortal blow dialogue for use in further scene below – – –



EH [from chariot]: The Etz Hayim (tree-of-life) is the Etz Or (tree-of-fire)!
[JS raises both hands to temples and makes dark clouds appear, so that it rains]
Skrim: Noooo! [the fire subsides]
Lilith: You could’ve just stopped eating from the etz hachaim (tree-of-life) and started dying that way. But instead you chose the ultimate murder-suicide [raises a log from the ground to strike him]
Skrim: [Raises hand] you’re still alive, look you’ve been saved
Lilith: You started death. All the terror, all the grief. So I’m ending that, just for you
Skrim: You’re gonna miss me
Lilith: I’m about life now
Skrim: You’re a monster….MONSTER

[She raises a log to strike but hesitates, but Jai Shimon who appears from behind a plume of smoke in the chariot makes eye contact with her. She is hit by a bolt of lightning from both him and the sky… the Or Moshia (messianic light).]

Lilith: Your legacy: a universe of dangerous fallen souls

[She is hit with another bolt of the messianic light. She Strikes Skrim dead.]

Lilith: Not anymore.

[she looks up and waves to the chariot, they go and pick her up.]

EH: It’s always darkest before the dawn.

[she hugs Jai Shimon]

JS: You almost had me work up a sweat.

10) The trio see the smoke in Eden and return back.

11) Skrim has embedded himself in the fire in order to keep it burning properly, and also wanting himself to go out “in a ball of flames” and to finally show God “who’s the boss.” He doesn’t have to be in the flames but wants to be anyway. Lilith is shaken to the core, not only that she will die, but also her son and the rest of creation along with it and all by her longtime partner, Skrim.

At this point, the whole multiverse and its beings can start to fade in awareness. Sensitive beings can even die.

12) The chariot arrives back and JS makes it rain. Not only does the main fire stop, but the one in Lilith’s pot connecting with Earth goes out.


13) A branch falls off the tree and hits Skrim in the head. He falls to the ground and attempts to slither away. Lilith has found the courage to raise the branch to kill Skrim but she negates when he says “the fires have stopped, you’re not in any danger now, no harm’s been done.” She looks at JS and a bolt leaves his head to hers, and she strikes Skrim dead anyway. Skrim’s presence represents death and decay and he is the sole progenitor of death in the universe (or at least on Earth.) This was the final straw. Also with the Eastward flaming sword and cherubs already collapsed, it couldn’t protect the tree anymore, anyhow – and Skrim caused that (it was God’s response to his cave fire) – therefore Adam and Eve could theoretically return and eat from the tree of life – or rather their descendants.

14) Skrim’s death is reminiscent of Darth Sidious in reverse. Skrim wasn’t going to be killed, but due to positive interference is killed. Sidious was going to be killed, but due to negative interference is not killed. Additionally, in contrast to Mace Windu who is killed, Lilith is about to revert to her former self and be reborn on Earth. Lastly, in this respect, Anakin is the alter-ego of JS.

15) Back in the Elijah’s cave, Eve and JS are still meditating.

16) A violent gang have made it into Elijah’s cave and are just about to strike both of them, but then turn away.