Part TBA_1 (final scene V1.0)

This final scene of OK6 sees a continuation on planet Tarnu, that was last seen at the end of Part 2 with Queen Relto and Adrian Boron together (following on from the end of OK5.) The whole point is that Earth could overpopulate as people’s lifespans balloon out, but people can easily move to other planets with just a thought. On Earth, people can also use 4D holographic terraforming technology that creates gigantic spaces within minuscule ones using tech that was gifted to Earth from another civilization.

Rosalind: The place we now call home [standing with Boron’s arm around her]
Boron: We can call anywhere home, anywhere your heart desires of course.
Rosalind: But this is too good, isn’t it?
[Queen Relto walks up alone]
Relto: Hello there. I thought I’d find you two here. It’s good to see you together. But I thought you might prefer it on Earth, Adrian.
Adrian: For a while I did. How’s planet Viridi going Ma’am?
Relto: Going just splendid thank-you. [looking at Rosalind] Last time I was here, I was with Adrian, and what a very interesting time on Earth since then, to say the least.
Boron: Of course I’d be honored to see you take up residence here, and we can learn whatever we need to learn, even just the three of us.
[a man walks up next to Relto]
Edward: Or the four of us. How do you do? I’m Edward.
Relto: We missed meeting those two.
[points to Eve and JS in the distance]
Rosalind: They just came in from Israel
[viewpoint on Eve and Jai Shimon]
Boron: Let’s make it Launchpad Israel, Rosa.
Rosalind: Yep, Launchpad Israel it is.
Boron: Ben David, some friends want to meet you sir.
JS: Mkkay, let me live out these holy-days together ….and wherever
Eve: and forever
JS: Consider it done!

[close up as JS and Eve embrace/kiss and then the viewpoint of the sky, whereby it is full of stars and entire galaxies that are easily visible.]