Part 5XX – (intergalactic evil)

To be inserted anywhere after Buckley takes power on Earth and shows how gratuitous destruction and evil pervades the entire universe. This is close to Earth, with Queen Relto herself involved, who has succumbed to the dark side.

Aboard the Oumuamua interstellar object (pic 1) see below:

Paraphrasing: It is a scout or messenger of your ancient past. Several hundred million years old. Originated from Lyra. The ancient descendants of Lyra wanted to make contact with humanity to share their knowledge about humanity’s root races. The craft has a crystalline intelligence, with its root 6 races (human, reptilian, aquatic, mammalian, avian, insectoid) encased in stasis pods, but none have survived. Many of the corpses have already been taken off the vessel for further study, to which many of you are derived from. The creators of the craft hoped that humanity would have evolved to the degree that by the time it got there, it could be treasured by humanity, because there are trinkets aboard to help humanity. You can observe the genetics of the root races who intended to share their genetics with you. These root races exist in Lyra to this very day. They were to come to Earth and interact with their family, but there were complications and the crew did not survive within their stasis, and hence could not be revived as intended. Yet their bodies are completely preserved in the pods that were designed to hold these bodies even in death. The craft has instructions that work with Earth languages so that it should’ve been treasured by the people of Earth.

Cadence (chief scientist, pic 2): Comrades, at attention we have a message from the Sirian Council (pic 4). (the Sirian Council is first mentioned in OK5)
[all scientists stop their activities and tune into the transmission]
Queen Relto (pic 5): Good day my friends. I know this is short notice, but we are ending all science expeditionary missions.
Cadence: Why hello Ma’aam. And hence this communication – you want things irreversibly ended?
Queen: That’s the idea, yes. I… we [she looks at the whole council] ask that you destroy all specimens and return immediately.
Cadence: [thinking for a second] that actually makes perfect sense. We’d be happy to do so.
Mark (another scientists): Humanity’s root races are irrelevant, we agree, and what a waste of time this has been. We’ll have to wreck everything before we leave. I can’t wait [looks at the aquatic pod, pic 3)
Gemma (council member): Once the races are pulverized, dump them.

Cadence: We’d love to [looks around, and looks to the crew who have already picked up blunt weapons, and start smashing things up immediately]
Queen: That’s perfect. A ship will come by soon to collect you.
Gemma: And trash all the research archives as well. It’s a lost cause.
Cadence: The Earthlings have no use for this stuff, it won’t be of much help anymore.
Mark: Thanks for getting in contact, we probably would’ve started this soon enough anyway.