Extra notes 1 (V1.1)

Ormus King 6 culminates the previous OK1-5 stories to show Israel (and Earth) entering into the Messianic Age according to Jewish teachings but colored to its own style to justify its own cosmology (see above) and stories.

Some notes:

It doesn’t proceed deeply into the messianic age at all whereby from 40-400 years into this age there is the resurrection of the dead, which is an integral part of Judaism. The greatest sages are said to be resurrected immediately upon entry into the age. Presumably this might be to run the temple eg Aaron the high priest. It does handle the in-gathering of the exiles, however.

Similarly, the Sandredrin (Jewish court) is yet to be established. One criticism of this court has been the large number of capital offenses, and in the temple, large numbers of animal sacrifices. My view is that given freewill has ended in this era, and that the understanding and experience of torah is in orders of magnitude higher than in the past, I don’t know how these things will be implemented, if at all. Moshiah Ben David (Messiah, son of David) is far higher in his closeness to God than Moses and Abraham (Kessin) to the point that his “unstoppable fire” spreads across the Earth and beyond – all life and matter is affected.


Skrim’s work does not end with Adam and Eve. He meditates in his cave (see above left) and enters into various worlds and causes souls to disconnect to God/One, and engage in all manner of prideful and egotistical acts, and then as a result they fall through the worlds due to their own doing (and ignorance) by trying to prove they’re better creators than the creator (Adronis – Soul Rebellions.) These “fallen souls” resent this, and from their realms engage in psychic intrusions into various other cultures and civilizations (Skrim has intruded them to begin with) for these additional victims to then go on and wreck anything, especially things sacred or divine. The resentment becomes a rebellion. Skrim himself is not evil, he says he’s actually doing what God wants him to do, ironically. Perhaps he’s right and as such is fully justified. Adam and Eve were one of his first victims, and to a large degree all of mankind are fallen accordingly, being their descendants. The only solution is redemption from ignorance, which is shown to occur in OK6.

For these rebel souls, they are victims who could resemble Anakin, who himself doesn’t even have the good sense to see what Darth Sidious has done to him, let alone what he has done to himself. Perhaps that is part of Skrim’s genius, he deflects blame or cloaks himself until the end of OK6 when he decides to make his own son a victim, and then be drawn into the  drama on Earth: Skrim has little left to lose as OK5 decimated the fallen souls and removed much of his nourishment due to the Belial Correction. Also, his visitation from Marshall and Brett with the Rebel Sphere (through the previously dormant Earth portal), along with the growth of Buckley triggers him to target Earth directly using Buckley. For all the fallen souls, Earth offers the Crown Jewel in terms of undermining all of creation, with the temple mount being where it all began. Hence the “Negative Alien Agenda” which encompasses all attacks on Earth’s sovereignty and mankind’s unique and special connection with God.

Interestingly, these fallen souls infiltrate the villains from OK1-5, although that is not made explicit in those stories. They are never actually shown. Characters may still wonder where their evil came from (the audience too.) OK6 seeks to answer this. Barahn and Hedora certainly wouldn’t have any awareness of Skrim. The characters in Boron’s dream  (OK4) could be influenced by these souls – Boron himself being tainted by them to a degree.

The rebel sphere should vaporize anytime after Jai Shimon’s anointing. The energy reverses through the half-spheres, and at that point there is too much of the shekinah (divine presence) for it to handle. It could fall out of the cherub onto the floor. That area is actually reserved only for access on Yom Kippur by the cohen gadol (high priest.)

Possibly the most challenging aspect to recreate is clairvoyant vision and awareness associated with this age. Jews would talk about “Sefirah consciousness”  being aware of the Sefirot energies, and being able to perceive them while reading the torah and engaging in mitzvot (prescribed religious acts to connect with God). My feeling is that there is no right or wrong, it’s not like the visual world of 3D where everyone has the same perception. There are far more variations possible with this vision I suspect. Who knows what the deeper truths are until they come? Most Kabbalah teachings say there are 10 sefirot, but others have said there are 12.

Neo has his own way of seeing through the matrix, and each person needs their own custom vision to see through their own illusions – whatever they may be. Cosmic consciousness is not a fixed thing.